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Racetracks - Horse, Autos, Greyhounds (7948-RT)

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Racetracks - Horse, Autos, Greyhounds (7948-RT)

Overview of Racetracks - Horse, Autos, Greyhounds (7948-RT)

— Professional Plastics offers various plastic materials used in the construction, maintenance and operation of racetracks. There are more than 2,000 racing venues in the USA including various automotive speedways, horse racing, facilities and greyhound tracks. While some racetracks offer little in the way of permanent infrastructure other than the track; others incorporate spectator facilities such as grandstands, hospitality or facilities for competitors, such as pit lanes and garages, paddocks and stables. Several racetracks are incorporated into larger venues or complexes, incorporating golf courses, museums, hotels, and conference centers. Some racetracks are small enough to be contained indoors, for sports such as motocross, cycling, and athletics. Many racetracks are multi-use, allowing different types of sport on the same track, or incorporating many tracks in one venue. Commonly running tracks are incorporated within general use or soccer stadiums, either permanently visible or covered by stands or pitches. Professional Plastics offers materials used for bumpers, railings, shields, signage, and other spectator protection. We also offer materials used throughout the facility for construction, lighting, displays, and other purposes.

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