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Plastic Fabricators
Plastic Fabrication is the process by which finished plastic products are converted from basic shapes (Sheets, Rods, Tubes, and Films). There are several categories of plastic fabrication including; Basic Fabrication (Cutting, Routing, Bending, Drilling, Gluing, and Polishing), Thermal Fabrication ...
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Fasteners (Screws, Dowels, etc)

Fasteners (Screws, Dowels, etc)
Professional Plastics offers pre-fabricated plastic fasteners, as well as, plastic stock shapes such as standard and threaded rods used for fasteners. Standard rods can be machined into screws, dowels or other fastening components. We also offer machined screws in standard sizes from materials such; Vespel, Meldin, and PEEK. Injection-molded screws can be purchased in materials such as Nylon & Delrin. Click on the links below, or call us at (888) 995-7767
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