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Feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles d'acrylique - CAST

Calculer le coût de la feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles acryliques - CAST

QTE Épaisseur Taper Cut Taille (pouces) Prix ​​par pièce Prix ​​total
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$ 0.00
 Ligne Point minimum.
    Commande minimum: $25 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calculer le coût de découpe pour une feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles acryliques - CAST

QTE Épaisseur Taper Cut Taille (pouces) Tolérance Cut Prix ​​par pièce Prix ​​total
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Ligne Point minimum.
    Commande minimum: $25 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calculer le coût total des feuilles pour une feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles acryliques - CAST

QTE Taille Taper Prix ​​par feuille Prix ​​total
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$ 0.00
 Ligne Point minimum.
    Commande minimum: $25 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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VUE D'ENSEMBLE de la feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles acryliques - CAST

Les feuilles acryliques CAST sont offertes en transparent, noir, blanc, gris, bronze, bleu, rouge, jaune, vert et plus encore. Les applications acryliques comprennent: les cadres, les présentoirs de magasin, les meubles, les étagères, les fenêtres, les barrières, les boucliers, le verre de remplacement et les aquariums. L'acrylique transparent est optiquement transparent, non affecté par l'humidité, et offre un rapport résistance / poids élevé, et peut être facilement formé à la chaleur sans perte de clarté optique. Une exposition prolongée à l'humidité, voire une immersion totale dans l'eau, n'affecte pas de manière significative ses propriétés mécaniques ou optiques.
Remarque: Ce produit est actuellement en forte demande pour les fenêtres de pharmacie et les écrans de protection pour les installations de test des coronavirus.
  • Protège-éternuements en plexiglas

    Pourquoi utiliser des versets CAST Acrylic EXTRUDED Acrylic?
  • Température de service continu: 180 ° F (fonte) contre 160 ° F (extrudé)
  • Température de formabilité: 340 ° F à 380 ° F (coulée) vs 290 ° F à 320 ° F (extrudé)
  • L'acrylique coulé a un poids moléculaire plus élevé, il va donc couper, percer et dérouter le nettoyant.
  • Lors de l'usinage de l'acrylique coulé, les copeaux s'écaillent alors que les copeaux d'acrylique extrudé peuvent gommer l'outil.
  • L'acrylique coulé offre également une meilleure efficacité des joints de colle et fonctionne mieux dans la découpe au laser.
  • CARACTÉRISTIQUES ET AVANTAGES de la feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles acryliques - CAST

    Caractéristiques des feuilles d'acrylique moulées:
  • Les feuilles d'acrylique coulées en plexiglas sont 17 fois plus résistantes que le verre!
  • Matériau transparent économique facile à usiner et thermoformé
  • Les feuilles plus grandes que 24 "x 48" peuvent être chères à expédier - Sélectionnez la plus petite feuille que vous pouvez utiliser
  • Translucide = La lumière et les ombres peuvent être vues à travers la feuille.
  • Transparent = les images peuvent être visionnées à travers une feuille (comme du verre teinté)
  • Opaque = Ni la lumière ni les images ne peuvent être vues à travers la feuille.
  • Remarque: Les feuilles épaisses .062 "ont un format de feuille maximum de 48" x 72 "et sont vendues uniquement avec le masquage de papier
  • (FEUILLE DE PLEXIGLASS FEUILLE D'ACRYLIQUE-COULÉ) Feuille de Plexiglas - Feuilles d'Acrylique - COULÉ

    Liens en acrylique:
    Protège-éternuements en plexiglas
    Nuancier acrylique
    Fiche technique Plexiglas / Acrylique
    Tutoriel pour aquarium en plexiglas
    Construire un aquarium 2

  • Acrylite GP
  • Lucite L
  • Polycast
  • Polycast Aerospace

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    AVIS DES CLIENTS — Feuille de plexiglas - Feuilles d'acrylique - CAST
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    Leon said..
    Conroe, TX

    Awesome product cut just the way I needed.
    John said..
    Mesa, AZ

    Fast and knowledgeable service.
    zahir said..
    buford, GA

    Rick said..
    New Baltimore, MI

    It is exactly what I needed , thanks to the gentleman that was so very helpful in my purchase. I had no idea what to order. I explained my project, he listened patiently and then knowledgeably suggested what could work. It's perfect, thank you so very much.
    Jeffery said..
    Chicago, IL

    We have a "window well" that we needed to cover so the rain wouldn't flood it and the perfect solution was a .75" piece of custom cut plexiglass from Professional Plastics The ordering was so easy and it was delivered within a week. Now the well is covered and the light from the well comes into the basement below. Thank you, Professional Plastics
    Mohammad said..
    Tucson, AZ

    My order arrived timely and exactly as I expected. They have packaged the items very securely and the items was cut very professionally. I am very happy with my purchase.
    Ginger said..
    Windsor Mill, MD

    I am very pleased with the order I received. Matt Patridge was very helpful with placing my order. If the need arises I will order from your company again.
    Darren said..
    Buffalo, NY

    Delivered on-time as promised. Parts came shipped well protected from damage.
    Annvenest said..
    College Park, GA

    Great product and awesome customer service
    Howard J Ciahk said..
    Alexandria, VA

    Great people to do business with. Three times I got exactly what I wanted and delivered in perfect condition.
    Amy said..
    Castle Rock, CO

    Excellent product and service by Josh in Denver branch
    Rick said..
    Phoenix, AZ

    I liked that I was able to just call and talk to a friendly person, order what I wanted, get an email confirmation of my order and just pick up my order when ready. I needed an acrylic sheet with exact measurements and that's what I got,and at a reasonable price. Thanks
    Chris said..
    Orangevale, CA

    This company is well organized.
    Nancy said..
    McDaniel, MD

    Could not be happier. I had an outdoor table with a woven wicker top that gave up the ghost but loved the aluminum table frame. So I ordered a new top which came quickly and looks wonderful-a perfect solution
    Paul said..
    Bellefonte, PA

    Online I ordered two pieces of 3/8 cast acrylic sheet each 46.75" square. They were delivered via Fed in about 10 days. The pieces were correct dimensions, square and well packaged. Bottom line: I'm happy.
    Peggy said..
    Hillsboro, OR

    Wow that was easy. I just walked in the door and they took care of me. Put a sheet on the dock and i was gone. Surprised by the price compared to competition.
    Abe said..
    Hereford, AZ

    I ordered four pieces over the phone of 0.5 inch thick cast acrylic sheet, each 24 inches by 48 inches, to be cut from a 4' x 8' sheet. I received a phone call when they were ready, and was quickly helped when I came to pick them up. The cuts were very clean and the surfaces unscratched. I planned to build a large aquarium with these sections but had never done so before, so I offered to buy a couple of scraps to practice cementing. The guy who helped me grabbed a couple of small pieces from the scrap bin and didn't charge me anything. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process.
    Ken said..
    Fort Morgan, CO

    I ordered 9 film-covered .0125 plexiglass sheets all to be cut 22x28 to replace boarded up barn windows. They arrived within the week, well packaged, and were all perfectly identical. Installation was a breeze and I was able to complete the entire project in less than 3 hours. Ordering from you also saved me $70 over sourcing locally - even with shipping. I have 9 more windows that need replaced on a separate outbuilding and will not hesitate to do business with you again. Thank you for providing this service for those of us who need affordable solutions.
    Tom said..
    Moultrie, GA

    Don said..
    Anaheim, CA

    Sales guy was very helpful in directing me to product to best fit my needs.

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