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Gaskets & Seals
Gasket & Sealing Materials are available in Rods, Plates, Tubes, Balls & Parts. Professional Plastics offers a full-range of plastic materials for die-cutting and stamping of gaskets, washers, bearings, seals. Gasket and Sealing materials must offer sealing compliance, corrosion resistance, and on moving parts, wear resistance is required. Materials such as Teflon, Silicone, PEEK, Delrin, and others are avalable from stock. We maintain 15 locations worldwide to servce your needs.
  • Common Gasket Materials Include: ABS, Acetal, Kapton, Mylar, Nylon, Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, PVC, Teflon, Urethane, Viton
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    (ACETAL BALLS) Acetal Balls - Solid
    Acetal Balls - Solid
    (BALLS-THERMO) Balls - Solid, Thermoplastic
    Balls - Solid, Thermoplastic
    (BUNA-N O-RING) Buna-N O-Rings (aka Nitrile/NBR)
    Buna-N O-Rings (aka Nitrile/NBR)
    (CIRLEX-KAPTON) Cirlex® - Laminated Kapton® Film
    Cirlex® - Laminated Kapton® Film
    (CORK RUBBER) Cork Rubber
    Cork Rubber
    (DELRIN BALLS) Delrin® Balls - solid (Acetal H)
    Delrin® Balls - solid (Acetal H)
    EPDM O-Rings
    (EPDM RUBBER SHEET) EPDM Rubber Sheeting
    EPDM Rubber Sheeting
    (FELT) Felt Gasket Material
    Felt Gasket Material
    (FEP) FEP Rods & Sheets
    FEP Rods & Sheets
    (FISH PAPER) Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre Sheet
    Fishpaper - Vulcanized Fibre Sheet
    (FluoroPro PCTFE) FluoroPro™ PCTFE
    FluoroPro™ PCTFE
    (FluoroPro™ PFA) FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
    FluoroPro™ PFA Rods & Sheets
    (FLUOROSINT 500) Fluorosint® 500
    Fluorosint® 500
    (Fluorosint MT-01) Fluorosint® MT-01
    Fluorosint® MT-01
    (G-10 FR4 SHEET) G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    G-10/FR-4 Sheets
    (G-3) G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
    G-3 (NP-504) Glass-Phenolic Laminate
    (G-30POLYIMIDE-P95) G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
    G-30 Polyimide Glass Laminate (Norplex P95)
    (KALREZ IND GRADES) Kalrez® Industrial Grades
    Kalrez® Industrial Grades
    (KALREZ SEMICON GRADES) Kalrez® Semiconductor Grades
    Kalrez® Semiconductor Grades
    (KAPTON HN FILM) Kapton® HN Polyimide Film
    Kapton® HN Polyimide Film
    (KEL-F) Kel-F® - PCTFE
    Kel-F® - PCTFE
    (POLYCARB-MAKROFOL LINKS) Makrofol® Polycarbonate Film Overview & Links
    Makrofol® Polycarbonate Film Overview & Links
    (NEOPRENE) Neoprene Rubber Sheeting
    Neoprene Rubber Sheeting
    (NITRILE - BUNA-N) Nitrile Rubber- NBR (BUNA-N)
    Nitrile Rubber- NBR (BUNA-N)
    (NORPRENE) Norprene® Family of Tubing
    Norprene® Family of Tubing
    (NYLON BALLS) Nylon Balls - Solid
    Nylon Balls - Solid
    (O-RING) O-Rings - Plastic
    O-Rings - Plastic
    PEEK Balls
    (PEEK FILM) PEEK Film (no adhesive)
    PEEK Film (no adhesive)
    (PEEK - Virgin) PEEK Sheets & Rods - VIRGIN Grade
    PEEK Sheets & Rods - VIRGIN Grade
    (PFA) PFA Rods & Sheets
    PFA Rods & Sheets
    (PHENOLIC CANVAS C SHEET) Phenolic - Grade C Canvas Sheets
    Phenolic - Grade C Canvas Sheets
    (PHENOLIC CANVAS CE SHEET) Phenolic - Grade CE Canvas Sheets
    Phenolic - Grade CE Canvas Sheets
    (PHENOLIC LINEN-L) Phenolic - Grade L - Linen
    Phenolic - Grade L - Linen
    (PHENOLIC - LE LINEN) Phenolic - Grade LE Sheets & Rods
    Phenolic - Grade LE Sheets & Rods
    (PHENOLIC PAPER XXX) Phenolic - Grade XXX Paper
    Phenolic - Grade XXX Paper
    (PLASTIC PARTS CNC) Plastic Parts - CNC Machined
    Plastic Parts - CNC Machined
    Polyimide-Filled PTFE
    (POLYURETHANE) Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
    Polyurethane Sheet & Rods
    (PPS GF40) PPS - 40% Glass-Filled (Generic)
    PPS - 40% Glass-Filled (Generic)
    (ProtoPEEK KD2000-CAM) ProtoPEEK KD2000-CAM Tubes
    ProtoPEEK KD2000-CAM Tubes
    (TEFLON 25% GLASS-FILLED) PTFE - 25% Glass-Filled
    PTFE - 25% Glass-Filled
    PTFE - Etched
    PTFE Balls
    PTFE O-Rings
    (TEFLON SHEET/ROD-VG) PTFE Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
    PTFE Sheet & Rod (Virgin Grade)
    (TEFLON SHEET/ROD MG) PTFE Sheets & Rods (Mechanical Grade)
    PTFE Sheets & Rods (Mechanical Grade)
    (TEFLON TUBES-MOLDED) PTFE Tubes & Rings - Molded
    PTFE Tubes & Rings - Molded
    (PVC BALLS) PVC Balls - Solid
    PVC Balls - Solid

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