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Ceramic materials tend to be strong, chemically inert, non-conductors of heat and electricity, and are typically non-porous.

(CeramaPEEK NC30) CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Extruded
CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Extruded
(MYCALEX) Mycalex® Mica-filled ceramic
Mycalex® Mica-filled ceramic
(Marinite I Sheet) Marinite I Sheet
Marinite I Sheet
(Boron Nitride) Boron Nitride - Combat®
Boron Nitride - Combat®
(Fiberfrax-Duraboard) Fiberfrax-Duraboard
(CERAMATEST 400) Ceramatest 400 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
Ceramatest 400 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
(LAVA) Lava - Alumina Silicate L911A
Lava - Alumina Silicate L911A
(MYCALEX MM800) Mycalex MM800
Mycalex MM800
(CeramaPEEK NC30 - IM) CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Injection-Molded
CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Injection-Molded
(ALUMINA 99.5%) Alumina 99.5% (Al2O3)
Alumina 99.5% (Al2O3)
(CERAMATEST 800) Ceramatest™ 800 - Glass-Mica Composite
Ceramatest™ 800 - Glass-Mica Composite
(Ceramatest 500) Ceramatest™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
Ceramatest™ 500 - Mica-Filled Ceramic
(ALUMINA OXIDE) Alumina Oxide 85% to 99%
Alumina Oxide 85% to 99%
(GLASS-MICA) Glass Bonded Mica
Glass Bonded Mica
(MAGMATECH XL-911A) Magmatech XL-911A
Magmatech XL-911A
(Silicon Carbide) Silicon Carbide
Silicon Carbide
(SILICON NITRIDE) Silicon Nitride
Silicon Nitride
(ZIRCONIA CERAMIC) Zirconia Ceramic ZrO2
Zirconia Ceramic ZrO2
(Zirconia Toughened Alumina ZTA) Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)
Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)
(ZIRCONIUM OXIDE) Zirconium Oxide -  Zirconia Y-TZP
Zirconium Oxide - Zirconia Y-TZP

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