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Electro Mechanical Assembling & Fabrication (3842-EM)
Electro Mechanical Assembling & Fabrication
Electro Mechanical Assembling & Fabrication includes a complete range of design engineering, prototyping, volume manufacturing, assembly and test services for complex electro-mechanical systems across multiple markets segments. many companies within this industry offer complete range of services ...
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Windshields for Motorcycles & Snowmobiles (3714-WS)

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Windshields for Motorcycles & Snowmobiles (3714-WS)
Windshields for Motorcycles & Snowmobiles - Professional Plastics offers several impact-resistant materials used for motorcycle and snowmobile windshields (i.e. Fairings). Specialty grades of polycarbonate and acrylic provide improved impact-resistance, abrasion resistance (scratch-resistant), and optical grades. Impact-modified acrylic provides improved performance verses traditional cast or extruded acrylic, while polycarbonate sheets take it to the next level with ultra-high impact resistance. Professional Plastics offers basic sheets, cnc routed blanks, as well as, drape-forming and thermoforming services to your custom specifications. Click on the products below, or contact our customer service staff for more details.
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