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Machining - Plastic Specialty (3599-PM)
Machining - Plastic Specialty
Precision machine shops who specialize in plastics have a district advantage in their knowledge of specialized techniques and their understanding of the abilities of each materials to hold various dimensional tolerances. While many plastics are quite simple to machine, those that contain abrasive ...
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Windshields for Motorcycles & Snowmobiles (3714-WS)

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Windshields for Motorcycles & Snowmobiles (3714-WS)
Windshields for Motorcycles & Snowmobiles - Professional Plastics offers several impact-resistant materials used for motorcycle and snowmobile windshields (i.e. Fairings). Specialty grades of polycarbonate and acrylic provide improved impact-resistance, abrasion resistance (scratch-resistant), and optical grades. Impact-modified acrylic provides improved performance verses traditional cast or extruded acrylic, while polycarbonate sheets take it to the next level with ultra-high impact resistance. Professional Plastics offers basic sheets, cnc routed blanks, as well as, drape-forming and thermoforming services to your custom specifications. Click on the products below, or contact our customer service staff for more details.
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