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Metropolitan Transit Authorities (4111-MT)
Metropolitan Transit Authorities
Metropolitan Transit Authorities utilize a variety of plastics, laminates and composites for applications ranging from glazing, signage and lighting, to switchgear and security products. Professional Plastics offers more than 500 different materials in sheets, rods, tubing and films, as well as, ...
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Residential Furniture (5712-RF)

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Residential Furniture (5712-RF)
Residential Furniture (5712-RF) - Although wood, laminates and metals are more prevalent in the residential furniture market, a growing number of companies are recognizing the benefits of plastics in high-end furniture. For many years, plastics were considered a low-end substitute to more traditional materials, but today, the range of attractive and functional plastic materials make them one of the fastest growing segments of the furniture market. Materials such as Lucite®, Acrylite®, Plexiglas®, and other acrylic-based products have been around for decades, but with so many new varieties of colors and patterns, the design options are endless. We also offer moisture-resistant materials used for outdoor furniture and cabinetry. Additionally, materials such as recycled plastic lumber are displacing wood due it's ability to resist moisture and UV rays, while eliminating concerns such as wood rot and termite damage. Plastics are a lightweight, attractive and economical solution to residential furniture, glazing, and lighting applications; both inside and outside of the home.

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