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Pile Driving Equipment (3531-PD)

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Pile Driving Equipment (3531-PD)
Pile Driving is a common activity in the construction of large structures such as bridges and buildings. Piles - heavy beams of concrete, steel, or other material - are pounded into the ground by a large "hammer" attached to a crane. Critical in this process is the use of a "cushion pad", which sits inside a "helmet" placed between the hammer and the pile, which must transmit force while protecting the pile. Cushion Pads have proven themselves in all types of pile driving applications. Professional Plastics has the ability to cut pads to your specifications on our CNC Router. Hammer cushion pads have to be strong to withstand the pounding and to transmit the driving force needed while protecting your equipment and the pile. Hammer cushion pads extend the life of your hammer while transmitting the maximum striking force to the pile. Made of high impact Phenolic Material, or Impact Resistant Cast Nylon, these cushion pads will absorb the initial hammer shock while transferring the power that you need to the helmet and into the pile. By absorbing this initial hammer shock, these cushion pads reduce the tremendous wear and stress hammers are subjected to, thereby, minimizing breakdowns and nonproductive downtimes. Damage to the contact point of the pile is also lessened often making it unnecessary to trim the pile which can be a time consuming and costly procedure.

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