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Semicon - Test Socket BiTS (3825-TSU)

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Semicon - Test Socket BiTS (3825-TSU)

Overview of Semicon - Test Socket BiTS (3825-TSU)

— Test Sockets are used to test high frequency IC's without soldering them on to a PCB. The IC is placed in a test socket which is soldered on to a PCB board which is placed within a test setup. An important factor to consider when selecting a test socket is its durability or reliability. This is the number of device/IC insertions a test socket could achieve before it needs replacing. Ideally, a socket should require no repair, and operate reliably during its full life cycle. Advanced engineering plastic materials for assembly, test and package are most effective when matched properly to the process environment. Tailored for these applications, we offer materials that maintain precise tolerances and strength across a broad temperature range, manage electrostatic charges effectively and machine readily. Products are now available to handle decreased device size, increased pin count, and smaller pitch size and to deliver conductive, resistive, or highly resistive electrical performance across a broad temperature range. Burn-In Test Sockets (aka BiTS), handlers and nests materials from Professional Plastics include; Torlon®: 5530 & 4203, Semitron®: 410, 420, 480, 490, 500HR, 520HR, MDS100 & MP370, CeramaPEEK®:, Ultem®: 1000 & 2300, and more.
See: Professional Plastics Test Socket & Handler Technical Design Guide
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