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Gehr Plastics is a worldwide leader in the extrusion of semi-finished Thermoplastics. The company was founded in 1932 in Mannheim Germany and has been owned by the Gehr family ever since. The company specializes is PVC & CPVC materials in rods, sheets, tubes & profiles. They produce 9 different colors of PVC rods (standards are Grey, White & Black). Gehr also extrudes various engineering plastics such as ABS, PVDF, POM, PPO (Noryl EN265 & GFN-3), PSU, Ultem & PEEK. GEHR Plastics is certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001/2000.
  • Professional Plastics has been a distribution partner for Gehr Plastics for more than 20 years.

    (ABS - MACHINE GRADE) ABS Machine Grade - Rods & Sheet/Plate
    ABS Machine Grade - Rods & Sheet/Plate
    (CPVC SHEET & ROD) CPVC Sheet - CPVC Rod - Grey
    CPVC Sheet - CPVC Rod - Grey
    (ECOGEHR) ECOGEHR® Bio-Polymer Shapes
    ECOGEHR® Bio-Polymer Shapes
    (ECOGEHR C-L) ECOGEHR® C-L Biodegradable
    ECOGEHR® C-L Biodegradable
    (ECOGEHR PA) ECOGEHR® PA - Polyamide Bioplastic
    ECOGEHR® PA - Polyamide Bioplastic
    (HiPro PP-30GF) HiPro® PP-30GF
    HiPro® PP-30GF
    (NORYL) Noryl® EN265 & Noryl® GFN3
    Noryl® EN265 & Noryl® GFN3
    (PPS GF40) PPS - 40% Glass-Filled (Generic)
    PPS - 40% Glass-Filled (Generic)
    (PVC ROD-WHITE-BLACK-COLORS) PVC Rod - White, Black & Colors
    PVC Rod - White, Black & Colors
    (PVC TYPE 2 RODS) PVC Rods - Type II High-Impact Grade
    PVC Rods - Type II High-Impact Grade
    (PVC SHEETS-RODS-GREY) PVC Sheets & Rods - Grey (Type 1)
    PVC Sheets & Rods - Grey (Type 1)
    (PVC Square Tube) PVC Square Tube
    PVC Square Tube
    (PVC U-CHANNEL) PVC U-Channel
    PVC U-Channel

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