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ECOGEHR® PA - Polyamide Bioplastic

ECOGEHR PA - Polyamide Bioplastic Shapes
ECOGEHR PA 6.10 (polyamide) is based upon 60 % of a renewable resource, sebacic acid, which is extracted from castor beans. ECOGEHR PA 6.10 combines a low specific gravity with a high impact strength at low temperatures. It shows a good dimensional stability due to low humidity absorption. With these properties, ECOGEHR PA 6.10 is an adequate material even for applications, where the standard PA 6 meets its limits.

ECOGEHR PA 11 is a high-performance technical polyamide 11 polymer developed in 1942. It is produced from castor beans. Its properties are basically similar to the PA 12. The resin has earned a preferred material status in the most demanding applications due to its excellent combination of thermal, physical, chemical and mechanical properties. Good impact strength at low temperatures (-40°C), good chemical resistance and low humidity absorption (only 1/6th compared to standard PA 6) are outstanding characteristics of the material.

(ECOGEHR PA) ECOGEHR® PA - Polyamide Bioplastic

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