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Acrylite® OP-3 & OP-3 P-99 Sheet

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OVERVIEW of Acrylite® OP-3 & OP-3 P-99 Sheet

Acrylite® OP-3 & Acrylite OP-3/P-99 EXTRUDED Acrylic Sheets are premium picture framing materials used to protect your most treasured photos, artwork & documents. ACRYLITE OP-3 & ACRYLITE OP-3 P99 sheet were developed to meet the special needs of the picture frame industry. They offer ultraviolet filtering, light weight,and ease of fabrication.

  • Acrylite OP-3 Sheet - UV Protected Sheet - This UV protective acrylic sheet filters out 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays.
  • Acrylite OP-3 P-99 - Combines Both Non-Glare and UV Filtering characteristics.
  • Note: OP-3/P-99 (non-glare finish) appears hazy until it is placed directly on top of artwork. Once placed on artwork, the image becomes clear with a non-glare finish.
  • For CAST UV Filtering Sheet use Acrylite OP-2
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Acrylite® OP-3 & OP-3 P-99 Sheet

    Acrylite® OP-3 & Acrylite OP-3/P-99 Sheets
  • Why is it important to use a UV-filtering material?
  • Fabrics and paper become brittle, fade in color, or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight. A good example are street maps or magazines left in a car below the rear window. Printed paper articles left there often change noticeably within a few weeks. Those changes are mainly due to exposure to the UV-light in solar radiation
  • Where is UV-light present?
  • UV-light is naturally present in sunlight. Approximately 6% of the total irradiated solar energy is in the UV range between 320 and 380 nm. But UV-light can also be present in artificial light. Specifically, halogen lamps emit a considerable amount of UV-light, and even common fluorescent lamps emit light in the UV range.
  • Easy to cut to size on a table saw or jigsaw
  • Call for special cut-to-size frames
  • (ACRYLIC OP-3 SHEET) Acrylite® OP-3 & OP-3 P-99 Sheet

    For additional info on Acrylite® OP-3 & Acrylite OP-3/P-99 Sheets, please contact customer service.

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    CUSTOMER REVIEWS — Acrylite® OP-3 & OP-3 P-99 Sheet
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    Deborah said..
    Heath, TX

    The product arrived when expected and was very well packaged. The height was perfect, however, the width was 1/16 too wide, but it was easy enough to sand that down. Satisfied with the service and product.

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