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Acrylite® OP-2 Sheet
Acrylite® OP-2 sheet is weatherable, offers superior light transmission, and filters out 98% of damaging ultraviolet rays. Guaranteed defect free, this cell cast sheet is easily fabricated. Edges can be mitered and cemented for strong nearly invisible joints. It can be thermoformed, cold-formed, screen printed and painted. ACRYLITE OP-2 sheet is used extensively for museum vitrines and for framing very large pieces of art. This product is also available with an abrasion and chemical resistant coating, ACRYLITE GAR OP-2 sheet, to minimize marring caused by public contact and frequent cleaning. Coating is available on two sides or one for economical savings.
ACRYLITE OP-2 sheet is an ultraviolet filtering grade of acrylic sheet. Because it filters 98% of the harmful ultraviolet light portion of sunlight, it is used for display cases and protective glazing, primarily by museums, galleries and private collectors.

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ACRYLITE GP acrylic plastic sheet is a cell-cast acrylic sheet. It comes in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses and is available as colorless sheet as well as in a variety of transparent, translucent and opaque colors. Acrylite GP acrylic plastic sheet is used in many applications: signs, POP and store displays, toys, picture frames, medical and surgical applications, lighting diffusers and glazing, also an endless list of decorative and industrial uses.

ACRYLITE OP-1 acrylic sheet is similar to ACRYLITE GP sheet, but transmits more ultraviolet light. It is useful where a broader spectrum of sunlight transmission is desired than is possible with ACRYLITE GP sheet. Due to those qualities there are many scientific applications for which ACRYLITE OP-1 sheet is suited.

ACRYLITE OP-4 acrylic sheet transmits 70% or more of the available ultraviolet light in the 340 nanometer range. This material comes with a limited warranty for tanning beds that extends for 5000 hours. It is comfortable, warm to the touch and easy to clean with water and a mild detergent.

   (ACRYLITE OP2) Acrylite® OP-2 Sheet

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