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Techtron® HPV - Bearing Grade PPS

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    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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    Minimum Order: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Techtron HPV is an extruded form of polyphenylene sulfide with reinforcement and internal lubricants, offering excellent wear resistance, strength, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. Techtron HPV is an ideal material for applications where standard engineering plastics (nylon, acetal, and polyesters) fall short, and advanced materials (polyimides, PEEK, and polyamide-imides) are over-engineered solutions.
  • Note: Rods are sold in Standard 1 meter lengths (3.28 feet) (39.3 inches)

Techtron HPV Benefits:
  • Extreme Wear Resistance & High PV Rating at a Economical Price
  • Chemical Resistance- Techtron HPV PPS resists a wide variety of organic and inorganic chemicals.
  • Operating Temperature- Techtron HPV PPS™s maximum allowable service temperature is 260°C for short periods and 220°C for more than 20,000 hours of continuous use.
  • Wear Resistance- Techtron HPV PPS™s overall wear resistance and low coefficient of friction overcome the disadvantages of virgin polyphenylene sulphide, which has a rather poor wear resistance, and of glass fibre reinforced polyphenylene sulphide, which causes premature wear of the counterface in bearing applications.
  • Dimensionally Stable- Techtron HPV PPS preserves very good dimensional stability despite temperature variations, moisture absorption, stress relieving and chemical attack.
  • (TECHTRON HPV) Techtron® HPV - Bearing Grade PPS

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