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Disk Drives (3572-DD)
Disk Drives
Disk storage is a general category of storage mechanisms where data are recorded by various electronic, magnetic, optical, or mechanical changes to a surface layer of one or more rotating disks. A disk drive is a device implementing such a storage mechanism. Notable types are the hard disk drive ...
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PVC Films - Rigid and Flex Vinyl Film

Professional Plastics offers high quality Rigid and Flexible PVC Vinyl Films in both clear and colors. These materials are commonly used in stationery, office products, media storage and packaging applications. These PVC Vinyl Films offer excellent clarity, printability, and formability. A variety of colors, and finishes are available in gauges from .003" to .125".

Rigid Vinyl Films (Rigid PVC Films) are available in the following types:
  • .005" - .030" Clear Roller Polished
  • .010" - .030" Gloss White Opaque
  • .010" - .030" Matte White Opaque
  • .010" - .125" Planished: P/P (Polished/Polished), P/M (Polished/Matte), M/M (Matte/Matte)
  • Clear, Opaque, Transluscent & Transparent Colors

    Flexible Vinyl Films (Flexible PVC Films) are available in the following types:
  • .004" - .040" All Types
    Availability & Services - Film Conversion:
  • Standard Sheets: 20" X 50", 25" X 40", 24" X 48", 25" X 52", 21-1/2" X 51-1/2", 23-3/4" X 53-3/4"
  • Cut To Size Sheets: Precision Trimmed 4 Sides Square To +/-.020" Length & Width From 1" X 1" To 52" X 75"
  • Standard Rolls: 42" X 100 FT, 48" X 100 FT, 51"-52" X 100 FT
  • Slit To Width Rolls: From 1/4" To 52" Wide From 100 Foot/Roll Up To 9-1/2" Diameter On 3" ID Core.
  • Die Cutting: All Materials & Thicknesses Per Customer Print.
  • Folding: From .002"-.015" Thickness. Single Fold, Double Fold With Lip, Custom.
  • Interleaving: Premium # 10 White Bleached Tissue Available On Most Sheeting Jobs.
  • Adhesive Coating: All Materials Full Coverage Or Spot Coverage.
  • (Vinyl-PVC FILMS) PVC Films - Rigid and Flex Vinyl Film
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