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Makrofol® Polycarbonate Film Overview & Links

Polycarbonate Films
Makrofol ® DE and Bayfol® PC polycarbonate films are available in a wide variety of surface textures, including glass-clear with both sides gloss. These films offer high light transmittance, excellent surface uniformity, and ease of processing. All films use pure Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate resin. Most meet FDA approval and have the necessary UL ratings.

Makrofol® DE
Makrofol® DE is a transparent or colored extruded film made of Bayer MaterialScience's Makrolon® polycarbonate. Makrofol® DE is noted for its outstanding graphic quality. Various surface finishes are avail able, ranging from high gloss on both sides (1-1), through fine matte (2 or 4) to velvet (6 or 7). The thickness range is between 125 and 750 μm, in some cases between 50 and 1,000 μm. The high gloss surfaces are masked from scratching by a protective film (C = cling masking film, S = adhesive masking film). Makrofol® DE is used in particular for nameplates, facings and displays.

Makrofol® ID
Makrofol® ID is a range of special films for cards such as ID cards. In this segment, polycarbonate is favored particularly where high demands exist with regard to service life and expo sure to mechanical and thermal loads. Special security features can be integrated, and modifications can be made to guarantee a high-contrast laser printing. White Makrofol® ID grades are mostly used printed as opaque (light-impermeable) inlay films.

Makrofol® BL
This light-diffusing film has been developed as a special grade for automotive instrument panels (illuminated dials, scales and displays). Makrofol® BL is dazzle-free and scratch-resistant and has a fine matte or velvet surface (2-2 or 6-2). The light-diffus ing effect is achieved through the use of a light-scattering pigment, as a result of which this film can also be produced in thicknesses of up to 125 μm. Makrofol® BL is noted above all for giving even illumination over a large surface area from a point light source, making it ideal for creative designs, e.g. in the lighting segment.

Makrofol® LT
Makrofol® LT is also a light-diffusing film, except that here the light-scattering effect comes from the incorporation of fine glass fibers. Makrofol® LT films are extruded in thicknesses of between 425 and 750 μm. Because of its fiber content, this film has high dimensional stability and strength.

Makrofol® FR
Makrofol® FR 7-2 flame retardant film is a clear polycarbonate film with a velvet first surface and a fine matte second surface. Makrofol® FR 7-2 is available in thicknesses of between 250 and 750 μm. With UL 95 V-O rating, Makrofol® FR 7-2 is designed for many applications such as trade show displays and memoplates.

Bayfol® CR
Bayfol® CR is a blend film of polycarbonate and polyester. This grade has outstanding cold-forming properties e.g. by the high-pressure forming (HPF) process and has become established in the in-mold decoration process. Bayfol® CR has excellent chemical resistance and flexibility. The latter makes Bayfol® CR the optimum grade for producing film keypads and membrane switches.

Bayfol® CREC
Bayfol® CREC is an extruded film based on a PC/PBT blend. It comprises good forming properties and chemical resistance as well as color stability at elevated temperatures. Bayfol® CREC is perfectly suitable for printing applications. Available surface qualities are gloss/fine matte (1-4) and fine velvet/very fine matte (6-2). The thickness range is between 75 and 750 μm. Bayfol® CREC is used in particular for membrance switch overlays, homeplates, keypads and touch panels.

Bayfol® AS-A
Bayfol® AS-A is an anti-static, black-colored film made from a PC/PBT blend. Due to its anti-static properties (surface resis tance: 105 Ohm), this film, which is normally supplied as narrow cut rolls from 10 mm in width, is suitable for the packaging of electronic components. Bayfol® AS-A is avail able in thicknesses between 200 and 400 μm.

Bayfol® DF-A
Bayfol® DF-A is a high-grade extruded film made of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene polymer). The films are colored black (other colors also possible in principle) and, because of their excellent surface finish on both sides, are used as carrier film for coating and decorative film, e.g. also in the hot-embossing process. Bayfol® DF-A is extruded as standard in thicknesses between 425 and 500 μm.

Marnot XL® clear & Marnot XL® matte
The scratch-resistant Marnot film has a one-sided coating on a straight polycarbonate film (Makrofol® DE) with an extremely scratch-resistant protective coating. The coating can be either high gloss (MarnotTM XL clear) or slightly matte to make it dazzle-free (MarnotTM XL matte) at various gloss levels. This film is also manufactured in a standard thickness range between 175 and 750 μm. Laminated film protects the surface on both sides.

ProTek® MaxDraw
PC film with formable hardcoat. Easy to deep draw with abrasion and scratch resistance far superior to uncoated substrates. Excellent chemical resistance to common household chemicals.

  • Impact Resistant with Excellent Print Registration
  • Excellent for Membrane Switch Overlays
  • Choice of Thicknesses, Textures, Grades, and Glosses
  • Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications
  • Excellent Replacement for Lexan ® polycarbonate films such as Lexan 8B35 Film, and Lexan Film 8B35.
    Makrofol and Bayfol are extremely versatile films used in a broad range of applications, such as instrument panels, trade show displays, membrane switches, control panels, and decals. Markets served include automotive, appliance, security and smart cards, medical, nameplate and labels, packaging, POP (including signage), telecommunications, and more.

    Thirty times stronger than acrylic, MAKROFOL polycarbonate film is easily formed and much more dimensionally stable than polyester. Lower stress levels allow for tighter registration of printed graphics and formed parts can withstand heat, steam, and radiation sterilization.
  • (POLYCARB-MAKROFOL LINKS) Makrofol® Polycarbonate Film Overview & Links
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