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Fluorosint® 135

Fluorosint® 135 is a PTFE material designed to provide the lowest coefficient of friction and deformation for seals, bearings, and washer applications. Designed to improve the performance of compressor piston rings, rider bands, and packaging sets, Fluorosint 135's extremely competitive pricing allows companies to guard against expensive equipment failure and ensure maximum production, longevity, and profitability.

Competitive Advantage:
  • Quadrant's Fluorosint® product family is not the same old typical PTFE compound. Fluorosint® is well known for its strong ability to out perform where all other compounds fall short. May it be the continuous use temperatures up to 500° F, improved deformation under load, lowest coefficient of friction or the low uniform coefficient of linear thermal expansion, Fluorosint® simply performs.

  • Fluorosint® 135 blend offers high performance at an extremely competitive price position. A perfect blended material which provides extreme performance for seals, bearings and wear applications. The lowest coefficient of friction material along with low deformation provides superior performance over typical filled PTFE compounds.

    Application Highlights
  • Compressor, Pump and Valve wear parts
  • Seals, bearings, thrust washers and seats
  • Insulating blocks and fixtures in diagnostic equipment
  • Compressor Piston Rings, Rider Bands & Packing Sets
  • Lubricated or Non-lube dry running applications
  • Typical Air, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Refrigerant gas service
  • Service temperatures of 450°F / 232°C
  • Increased part life and improved performance
  • Applications in Chemical Processing, Medical, Aerospace, and Food Market
    Key Benefits Compared to other filled PTFE compounds:
  • Lowest wear rate
  • Lowest CLTE
  • Lowest COF
  • Lowest Deformation
  • Counter surface has little effect on performance
  • No excessive run in period
  • Extremely Chemically Inert
  • (Fluorosint 135) Fluorosint® 135
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