le fournisseur de plastique, feuille de plastique, tiges en plastique, tuyaux en plastique, plexiglas, magasin Professional Plastics vend feuille en plastique, Rod, la tuyauterie en plastique et le film plastique et des matériaux pour toute l'industrie
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GSA Contract Number: (pending)
Professional Plastics is a full line authorized distributor of more than 500 different industrial plastic materials including: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Teflon, Phenolics, Laminates, Polyethylene, PVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, Vespel, Torlon, and many more. We stock semi-finished goods (plastic sheets, rods, tubing & film), as well as, providing fabricated parts.

We offer a full-time Government Procurement staff to assist Contracting Officers, Buyers and Agencies with their material needs and ordering process.

We maintain 18 well-stocked distribution warehouses in Calif, Washington, New York, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Ohio, Utah, Georgia, Singapore & Taiwan.
  • FSC: 9330, 9390, 4710, 8105, 8145, 8340
  • NAICS: 424610, 326111, 326112, 326113, 326121, 326122, 326130, 326140,326150,326199
  • Active CCR/ORCA Registered
  • WAWF Registered
  • 002345 Certified

    We accept Government Commercial Purchase Cards (GCPC), as well as Government Purchase Orders (GPO).
  • Shipping to Military Installations Worldwide.

    Orders may be placed by:
  • Nationwide Phone: 1-888-995-7767
  • Nationwide Fax: 1-866-776-7527
  • E-Mail: sales@proplas.com
  • Online: www.professionalplastics.com

    Professional Plastics is a vendor to hundreds of local, state and Federal Government Agencies.

    Professional Plastics has serviced numerous supply contracts including:
  • Department of Defense - U.S. Army - U.S. Air Force - U.S. Marines - U.S. Coast Guard - Northrop Grumman - McDonnell Douglas - Lockheed - Loral - Boeing - Army Corp of Engineers - and many more
    Client References: - Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Subase Bangor-Silverdale, Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, McAlestar Army Ammunition, Red River Army Depot, Fort Lewis, NASA Ames Research Center
    GSA Contract Number: (call for details)
  • Browse our comprehensive e-commerce website for off-contract purchase requirements.
  • Cage Codes: 42354, 1BNE1, 1SMZ3
  • DUNS# 137263104
  • Registered Small Business
  • GSA - Government Supply
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    Feuille acrylique (ACRYLITE Securus) Acrylite® Securus ™
    Acrylite® Securus™ acrylic sheet
    (Acrylique MIL-P-5425) de catégorie d'avions Acrylique - Mil-P-5425 Fiche
    Aircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-5425 Sheet
    (Acrylique MIL-P-8184) de catégorie d'avions Acrylique - Mil-P-8184
    Aircraft Grade Acrylic - Mil-P-8184
    (CCTV Boîtier de caméra) Caméra CCTV logement
    CCTV Camera Housing
    (ACHETEURS GOUVERNEMENTAUX) Les offres du gouvernement - GSA contrat
    Government Bids - GSA Contract
    (Hygard) Hygard® BR - Bullet résistant en polycarbonate feuilleté
    Hygard® BR - Bullet Resistant Laminated Polycarbonate
    (POLYCARB CG) Hygard® CG confinement année Polycarbonate
    Hygard® CG Containment Grade Polycarbonate
    (LUCITE CP) Lucite® CP - Acrylic Sheet
    Lucite® CP - Acrylic Sheet
    (MICARTA SHOTBLOCKER) Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic flottant
    Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic Laminate
    (PHENOLICSPECS) phénoliques Spécifications
    Phenolic Specifications
    Plexiglass Sheet- ACRYLIC SHEET - EXTRUDED
    Fiche (POLYCARB TwinWall) Polycarbonate Lits mur
    Polycarbonate Twin Wall Sheet
    (See Thru MIROIR) Two-Way Mirror Voir au travers de surveillance
    Two-Way See Through Surveillance Mirror
    (VINYL STRIP RIDEAU) Vinyl bande de rideau
    Vinyl Strip Curtain
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