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Semitron® ESd 520HR - ESd PAI

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OVERVIEW of Semitron® ESd 520HR - ESd PAI

Semitron® ESd 520HR has an industry first combination of electrostatic dissipation (ESd), high strength and heat resistance. This new ESd material is ideal for making nests, sockets and contactors for test equipment and other device handling components. The key features of 520HR are its unique ability to resist dielectric breakdown at high voltages (>100V). Typical carbon fiber enhanced products become irreversibly more conductive when exposed to even moderate voltage. Only Semitron® ESd 520HR maintains its performance throughout the voltage range, while offering the mechanical performance needed to excel in demanding applications.

IC Device Testing Fixtures A test fixture manufacturer recently began using Semitron ESd 520HR that combines electrostatic dissipation (ESD) and high mechanical strength, to make integrated circuit test heads. The high mechanical strength of Semitron® ESd 520HR results in longer useful life of the test heads and, thus, greater units (tested) per hour. Semitron ESd 520HR is the first product to reliably meet all physical performance needs for test nests, sockets and contactors, combined with ESd performance. It is both ESd (surface resistivity of 1010 to 1012 ohms/square) and has sufficient resistance to minimize the risk of leakage (cross-talk). Also significant is the ability of Semitron ESd 520HR to retain its surface resistivity at electrical forces greater than 100 volts.
  • Available from USA, Singapore and Taiwan stock.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Semitron® ESd 520HR - ESd PAI

    Semitron ESd 520FR Benefits:
  • Surface Resistivity: 1010 to 1012 ohms/sq.
  • High Temperature Range
  • Extremely stable
  • Can be machined to extremely tight tolerances.
  • Designed for use as IC Test Sockets, Nests & Handlers
  • Available from USA, Singapore and Taiwan stock.
  • Singapore warehouse serves customers in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines
  • (SEMITRON520HR) Semitron® ESd 520HR - ESd PAI

    Semitron ESd 520HR Datasheet

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