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Strumenti Musicali (3931-MI)

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Strumenti Musicali (3931-MI)

Overview of Musical Instruments (3931-MI)

— Musical Instruments - The musical instruments market has usually been catering to music connoisseurs, professional musicians, school troupes, local bands, etc. apart from the niche amateur segment. However it has witnessed a surge of lately. More and more people are taking up music as a professional, leisure or extracurricular activity. Different musical tastes influence their musical instrument choices.

Musical instruments are usually categorized as per the Horbostel - Sachs system widely used by organologists and ethnomusicologists. This system categorizes musical instruments as: membrano phones (percussion), idiophones (percussion), aero phones (wind), chordophones (stringed) and electrophones (electronic), which are further divided into many more sub-groups. For commercial purpose, musical instruments have been segmented on the basis of product which includes pianos, guitar, digital keyboards, drums, electronic equipment and wind equipment. Professional Plastics offers dozens of materials used in various types of musical instruments to generate the proper notes and tones required for optimum performance and sound quality. Plastics are also used for working surfaces, jigs & tools used in the manufacturing of instruments. We also offer materials for sound isolation and protective packaging.

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