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Foglio di policarbonato - Grado standard

Calcola il costo del foglio per il foglio di policarbonato - Grado standard

QTY Spessore Tipo Cut Size (cm) Prezzo per pezzo Prezzo totale
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Elemento minima.
    Ordine minimo: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calcolare il costo da taglio per il foglio di policarbonato - Grado standard

QTY Spessore Tipo Cut Size (cm) Taglia la tolleranza Prezzo per pezzo Prezzo totale
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Elemento minima.
    Ordine minimo: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calcolare il costo di fogli completi per il foglio di policarbonato - Grado standard

QTY Dimensione Tipo Prezzo per foglio Prezzo totale
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Elemento minima.
    Ordine minimo: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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PANORAMICA del foglio di policarbonato - Grado standard

La lastra in policarbonato offre una durata superiore, una flessibilità di progettazione senza pari e l'integrità strutturale che supera facilmente il vetro stratificato e le alternative acriliche. La lastra in policarbonato (grado di smaltatura per usi generali standard) trasmette l'86% della luce. Questo prodotto è stabilizzato ai raggi UV, ha una temperatura di deflessione del calore di 270 ° F a 264 PSI e ha un indice di densità del fumo inferiore a 75. La lastra per vetri in policarbonato è disponibile in grigio solare e bronzo con spessori da .080 "a .500". Questa lastra in policarbonato non patinato è di qualità standard per applicazioni generiche e può essere utilizzata per una protezione economica da rotture o intrusioni. Un isolante migliore del vetro, il foglio di PC contribuisce a ridurre i costi energetici.
  • Protezione antisommossa resistente agli urti - Non si frantumerà come il vetro
  • CARATTERISTICHE E VANTAGGI della lastra in policarbonato - Grado standard

    Offerta lastre in policarbonato:
  • Eccellente resistenza agli urti e resistenza ai raggi UV
  • Protezione antisommossa resistente agli urti - Non si frantumerà come il vetro
  • Eccellente chiarezza e grandi proprietà elettriche
  • Perfetto per vetri antiurto contro uragani !!
  • Il marchio principale di Professional Plastics è Tuffak® (Makrolon®) - i marchi concorrenti includono Lexan®

    Professional Plastics fornisce fogli di plastica in policarbonato, barre, tubi, film e parti fabbricate in tutte le principali aree metropolitane degli Stati Uniti, tra cui: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Filadelfia, Houston, Washington, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Detroit, Riverside, Phoenix, Seattle, Minneapolis, San Diego, St. Louis, Tampa, Baltimora, Denver, Pittsburgh, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, Orlando, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Las Vegas, San Jose, Columbus, Charlotte , Indianapolis, Austin, Virginia Beach, Providence, Nashville, Milwaukee, Jacksonville, Memphis, Louisville, Richmond, Oklahoma City, Hartford, New Orleans, Buffalo, Raleigh, Birmingham, Salt Lake City, Rochester, NY.
  • (Foglio GP in policarbonato) Lastra in policarbonato - Grado standard

    Link in policarbonato:
  • Scheda tecnica dei materiali
  • Brochure sui vetri
  • Guida alla fabbricazione
  • Protezione antisommossa resistente agli urti
  • Non andrà in frantumi come il vetro

    Gradi specifici del marchio:
  • Tuffak® GP
  • Lexan® 9034

    Gradi speciali:
  • Makrolon AR®
  • Grado di segno (SG)
  • Resistente ai proiettili (BR)
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    RECENSIONI DEI CLIENTI — Foglio di policarbonato - Grado standard
    fuori da 5.0
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    23 recensioni totali
    Jason said..
    Astoria, OR

    Great service. Order was made to exact size.
    Kris said..
    Littleton, CO

    This review is more for the company and employees. Polycarbonate is polycarbonate but the people who work at Professional Plastics are great I called for 17 custom-sized pieces of polycarbonate at 8 am on a Monday morning. I told Josh it was an emergency and I needed them as soon as possible.He took my order, answered my questions and I picked up my custom pieces the next morning. I couldn't believe it The person who loaded them into my car was just as great. Friendly, helpful and interested in my story about why I needed them. Once we got them home we found a scratch on one of them. I called Josh and picked up my replacement the next day. I can't say enough about how professional Professional Plastics is
    Mike said..
    Peoria, AZ

    your company came through for me in a pinch...
    Jinsu said..

    Good product, delivered in time. 5 star rating.
    Anthony said..
    Seattle, WA

    Perfect quality, accurately cut, and well-protected -- Thank you
    Jim said..
    Lyme, CT

    Just what I ordered. Good communication.
    Edith said..
    Atlanta, GA

    Pro Plastics people were very helpful in my phone inquiries. The speed of readiness from order call to pickup of my small order was outstanding - same day thanks to all involved.
    Stacey said..
    Phoenix, AZ

    Jacquie was very responsive to our request and short turn-around time. The product was ready when promised and perfect. Professional Plastics went above and beyond to accommodate our demanding deadline.
    Phil said..
    Bellaire, TX

    Great work Super quick and easy. Thanks for the great table top for my firepit
    STEPHEN said..

    Product arrived as advertised, the cuts were accurate. Packaged real well.
    Todd said..
    Lemont, IL

    Great product. I've ordered about 200 cut-to-size sheets of the stuff and I'd say 98% of the time it is perfectly cut.. the other 2% they are off about .125 of an inch which isn't bad but I'd like to see them be a little more careful when I pay extra for .015 tolerance. Still a great product overall.
    Matthew said..
    Fremont, MI

    Using this as a shield for my new big screen TV. Perfect cut Thanks
    John said..
    Pinedale, AZ

    Great job. Was cut correctly. Made a great new backboard for my customer.
    - Likely To Recommend
    Harry said..
    Clinton, UT

    Good service and good timing on having the plastic ready
    Tracie said..
    Ogden, UT

    Kristin Petersen and Mandy Roberts are always quick to get back to me great to work with. The shipping and receiving staff at your Ogden, Utah location are always wonderful, helpful, and pleasant to deal with. The polycarbonate sheet was cut exactly to size, as per our request, and on time. Keep up the good work and excellent customer service.
    Michael said..
    New Berlin, WI

    Outstanding service. The two cut-to-exact-size Polycarbonate sheets I ordered were delivered via UPS in a nicely packed protective box within a few days of my order. I don't remember my saleslady's name but she was great and even suggested a better type sheet when I told her the sheet might occasionally be bumped or kicked my a shoe in the place I was going to use this item. Great price. great service. I would highly recommend Professional Plastics to someone seeking this type of product.
    Allan said..
    Kirtland, OH

    Arrived in good shape and on time
    Jeanne said..
    Phoenix, AZ

    It was exactly what we ordered, thank you.
    Kimberly said..
    Frederick, CO

    Professional Plastics is always quick to respond to orders, has good customer service and good products, and hits on time delivery. We don't have any issues with your company at this time.
    Elgin said..
    Peachtree Corners, GA

    Excellent product, good price, great service.

    Plastica professionale Sedi
    Raccomandato per te