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Foglio di plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST

Calcola il costo del foglio per il foglio di plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST

QTY Spessore Tipo Cut Size (cm) Prezzo per pezzo Prezzo totale
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Elemento minima.
    Ordine minimo: $25 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calcolare il costo da taglio per il foglio di plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST

QTY Spessore Tipo Cut Size (cm) Taglia la tolleranza Prezzo per pezzo Prezzo totale
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Elemento minima.
    Ordine minimo: $25 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Calcolare il prezzo completo per fogli di plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST

QTY Dimensione Tipo Prezzo per foglio Prezzo totale
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 Elemento minima.
    Ordine minimo: $25 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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PANORAMICA DEL Plexiglass Sheet - Acrilico - CAST

Fogli acrilici CAST - sono offerti in trasparente, nero, bianco, grigio, bronzo, blu, rosso, giallo, verde e altro ancora. Le applicazioni acriliche includono: cornici, vetrine di negozi, mobili, scaffalature, finestre, barriere, scudi, vetri di ricambio e acquari. L'acrilico trasparente è otticamente trasparente, non influenzato dall'umidità e offre un elevato rapporto resistenza-peso e può essere facilmente formato a caldo senza perdita di chiarezza ottica. L'esposizione prolungata all'umidità, o persino l'immersione totale in acqua, non influisce in modo significativo sulle sue proprietà meccaniche o ottiche.
Nota: questo prodotto è attualmente molto richiesto per Windows Farmacia e scudi protettivi per le strutture di test del coronavirus.
  • Guardie di starnuto in plexiglass da appoggio

    Perché usare i versetti acrilici CAST acrilici ESTRUSI?
  • Temp di servizio continuo: 180 ° F (fuso) contro 160 ° F (estruso)
  • Temp di formabilità: da 340 ° F a 380 ° F (fuso) contro 290 ° F a 320 ° F (estruso)
  • L'acrilico colato ha un peso molecolare più elevato, quindi taglierà, perforerà e sbanderà.
  • Quando si lavora l'acrilico colato, i trucioli si sfaldano mentre i trucioli acrilici estrusi possono gommarsi sull'utensile.
  • L'acrilico colato offre anche una migliore efficacia della colla e prestazioni migliori nel taglio laser.
  • CARATTERISTICHE E VANTAGGI della lastra in plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST

    Caratteristiche di Fogli Acrilici Cast:
  • Le lastre acriliche in plexiglass cast sono 17 volte più resistenti del vetro !!
  • Materiale trasparente economico facilmente lavorabile e termoformabile
  • I fogli più grandi di 24 "x 48" possono essere costosi da spedire - Seleziona il foglio più piccolo che puoi usare
  • Traslucido = Luce e ombre possono essere viste attraverso il foglio.
  • Trasparente = Le immagini possono essere visualizzate attraverso il foglio (come il vetro colorato)
  • Opaco = Né la luce né le immagini possono essere viste attraverso il foglio.
  • Nota: le lastre spesse .062 "hanno una dimensione di foglio massima di 48" x 72 "e sono vendute solo con mascheratura della carta
  • (LAMIERA IN PLEXIGLASS FOGLIO ACRILICO) Fogli in plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST

    Link acrilici:
    Guardie di starnuto in plexiglass da appoggio
    Tabella colori acrilici
    Scheda tecnica plexiglass / acrilico
    Tutorial per acquario in plexiglass
    Costruire un acquario 2

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    RECENSIONI DEI CLIENTI — Foglio di plexiglass - Acrilico - CAST
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    Mohammad said..
    Tucson, AZ

    My order arrived timely and exactly as I expected. They have packaged the items very securely and the items was cut very professionally. I am very happy with my purchase.
    Ginger said..
    Windsor Mill, MD

    I am very pleased with the order I received. Matt Patridge was very helpful with placing my order. If the need arises I will order from your company again.
    Darren said..
    Buffalo, NY

    Delivered on-time as promised. Parts came shipped well protected from damage.
    Annvenest said..
    College Park, GA

    Great product and awesome customer service
    Howard J Ciahk said..
    Alexandria, VA

    Great people to do business with. Three times I got exactly what I wanted and delivered in perfect condition.
    Amy said..
    Castle Rock, CO

    Excellent product and service by Josh in Denver branch
    Rick said..
    Phoenix, AZ

    I liked that I was able to just call and talk to a friendly person, order what I wanted, get an email confirmation of my order and just pick up my order when ready. I needed an acrylic sheet with exact measurements and that's what I got,and at a reasonable price. Thanks
    Chris said..
    Orangevale, CA

    This company is well organized.
    Nancy said..
    McDaniel, MD

    Could not be happier. I had an outdoor table with a woven wicker top that gave up the ghost but loved the aluminum table frame. So I ordered a new top which came quickly and looks wonderful-a perfect solution
    Paul said..
    Bellefonte, PA

    Online I ordered two pieces of 3/8 cast acrylic sheet each 46.75" square. They were delivered via Fed in about 10 days. The pieces were correct dimensions, square and well packaged. Bottom line: I'm happy.
    Peggy said..
    Hillsboro, OR

    Wow that was easy. I just walked in the door and they took care of me. Put a sheet on the dock and i was gone. Surprised by the price compared to competition.
    Abe said..
    Hereford, AZ

    I ordered four pieces over the phone of 0.5 inch thick cast acrylic sheet, each 24 inches by 48 inches, to be cut from a 4' x 8' sheet. I received a phone call when they were ready, and was quickly helped when I came to pick them up. The cuts were very clean and the surfaces unscratched. I planned to build a large aquarium with these sections but had never done so before, so I offered to buy a couple of scraps to practice cementing. The guy who helped me grabbed a couple of small pieces from the scrap bin and didn't charge me anything. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process.
    Ken said..
    Fort Morgan, CO

    I ordered 9 film-covered .0125 plexiglass sheets all to be cut 22x28 to replace boarded up barn windows. They arrived within the week, well packaged, and were all perfectly identical. Installation was a breeze and I was able to complete the entire project in less than 3 hours. Ordering from you also saved me $70 over sourcing locally - even with shipping. I have 9 more windows that need replaced on a separate outbuilding and will not hesitate to do business with you again. Thank you for providing this service for those of us who need affordable solutions.
    Tom said..
    Moultrie, GA

    Don said..
    Anaheim, CA

    Sales guy was very helpful in directing me to product to best fit my needs.
    Becky said..
    Raleigh, NC

    Your website is easily navigated. I found the product, ordered, paid and received a precisely cut custom piece delivered to my doorstep within the week. Thank you for the great service
    Cliff said..
    Los Angeles, CA

    Kristin from the Ogden, Ut location helped me find and order the acrylic sheet I was searching for, it was ordered and arrived as promised. I have since worked with the material, and am very pleased to thank you for a flawless product that I was able to shape into my desired shape. Thank you again, I will definitely be referring all business to this company.
    Pedro said..
    Northfield, OH

    My sales rep in NY greatly assisted in obtaining my product as offered. I can't thank him enough. In fact I called him a day l picked up the item to again thank him for his effort.
    Scott said..
    Atlanta, GA

    Stacey did a great job helping to get my order processed allowing me to keep my anxious customers happy. Give her a raise for going out of her way in keeping your customers happy
    Scott said..
    Richmond, TX

    I talked with Michael at the Stafford TX store about a piece of Plexiglass for a Light Table I was making. I was using this for film negatives and art drawing projects. I can say that Michael went above and beyond required to make sure I had the product I wanted and work properly. Fantastic service and product. Thanks again

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