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Painting, Coating & Hot Dipping of Metals
Painting, Coating & Hot Dipping of Metals - There are four commonly used methods of applying metal coating to steel surfaces. These are hot-dip galvanizing, thermal spraying, electroplating and sherardizing. The latter two processes are not used for structural steelwork but are used for fittings, ...
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Meldin 6000 Series Overview

Meldin 6000 Series Polyimide (PI) is a family of polymers that have excellent retention of mechanical and physical properties at high temperatures due to the addition of aromatic raw materials and the building blocks of polyimides. They have excellent resistance to high energy radiation and most chemicals. Not recommended for steam or hot water applications. Meldin 6000 series is designed to replace other polyimides (including Meldin 2001), as well as, metals, ceramics, and plastic parts, Meldin® polyimide retains a large percentage of its critical properties from cryogenic to 600° F continuous and 900° F intermittent. Different grades are available.

Meldin 6000 Series Grades:
Meldin 6001- An unfilled grade that replaced Meldin 2001 which has been discontinued. It is an economical pseudo-thermoplastic grade of polyimide. Black in Color

Meldin 6021- A 15% Graphite-Filled grade that was introduced before Meldin 2021.It is a pseudo-thermoplastic grade of polyimide. It costs less than 2021. In addition,the properties are a little lower than 2001. Black in Color

Meldin 6030 contains 30% PTFE filler and is a pseudo-thermoplastic material that costs a little less than the 2030. In addition, the properties are a little lower than the 2030 as well. Chocolate Brown in Color

(Meldin 6000 Series) Meldin 6000 Series Overview
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