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Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic Laminate

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OVERVIEW of Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic Laminate

ShotBlocker® Bullet-Resistant Laminate (Grade MC504BR)
To meet the Military's requirement for improved ballistic protection, Norplex-Micarta has developed ShotBlocker®, a specialty line of ballistic resistant panels, tubes, pre-pregs, and molded shapes. These high performance composite products are resistant to projectiles, heat, and fire and protects from ricocheting slugs or fragments, making it suitable for most military threats, including blast protection, EFP protection, and IED protection. MC504BR is a member of the ShotBlocker® family of products. MC504BR bullet resistant panels can be fabricated in the field to produce and/or reinforce the ability of a structure to withstand attack from a variety of projectiles. MC504BR panels are Underwriters Laboratories Listed and tested from Level 1 through Level 5. ShotBlocker panels are a Class 1-A fire/smoke-rated building material per ASTM E84, and certified to NIJ-Std-0108.01 Type II, Type IIA, Type III and Type IIIA.

Typically used to arm vehicles and guard stations, ShotBlocker provides exceptional structural strength in addition to ballistic protection. Lighter than steel, ShotBlocker is easy to handle and machine, allowing for ease of installation and repair. This weight reduction may also allow for downsizing drive train and suspension components or increasing the onboard payload.

ShotBlocker® (formerly Micarta BRASS) is the first choice in bullet-resistant fiberglass laminate. Lighter than steel, ricochet-resistant, and readily machined with ordinary hand-tools, ShotBlocker® is the ideal reinforcing substrate for your bullet-resistant architectural and building projects.
  • Government & Public Buildings Class 1-A Fire/Smoke-Rated Building Material (ASTM E84)
  • Bank Teller Stations & ATMs, Courtrooms & Judges Benches
  • UL-Listed - BP8876 Postal Facilities Certified to NIJ-STD-0108.01 Corporate Offices
  • Benefits of ShotBlocker®: High Strength, Light Weight, Bullet-Resistant.
  • Applications: Gas Stations & Convenience Stores, Hotel Lobbies, Ballistic-Resistant Doors, Armored Vehicles
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic Laminate

    ShotBlocker® Anti-Ballistic Laminate:
    Utilizing a unique design and manufacturing process (patent pending), Micarta has created the only commercially available Class 1-A fire-rated projectile-resistant building material. ShotBlocker® can be used in commercial and government structures, where increased ballistic protection is desired, while complying with numerous federal and state flame and smoke protection regulations. ShotBlocker® provides far greater security and protection in walls, doors, counters, or other applications, as compared to polyester-based ballistic laminates.
  • .489" thickness weighs 179 lbs (82 kgs) per 48" x 96" sheet
  • Level Thicknesses: .250"+ = Level 1; .344"+ = Level 2, .437"+ = Level 3; 1.187"+ = Level 4 or Level 5
  • Standard Thicknesses: .283" = Level 1, .375" = Level 2, .489" = Level 3, 1.301" = Level 4 & 5
  • Also available in 1.395" thickness to meet Level 8
  • (MICARTA SHOTBLOCKER) Micarta ShotBlocker® - Anti-Ballistic Laminate

  • ShotBlocker Overview
  • MC504BR Datasheet
  • ShotBlocker Article

    Architectural Specifications

    ShotBlocker Standard Grade:
  • Shotblocker® MC504BR

    Other Military Grades:
  • ShotBlocker® NP522
  • ShotBlocker® NP523
  • ShotBlocker® NP524
  • ShotBlocker® NP525
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