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KYNStick® Kynar® Film Tape with Adhesive

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Kynar® KYNStick® Tape with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
KYNStick® Tape is made with Kynar® film with an Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for ease of application, positioning and fastening. KYNStick® Tape offers excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and has a high tensile strength. KYNStick® has good thermal stability and can be used in applications up to 300°F. Kynar® (PVDF) has extremely high purity which makes it a good candidate for food applications.

When specified, Kynar 740 FILM complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.510, USDA, USP XX Class VI, 3A sanitary standards and meets ASTM D3222 resin specifications. KYNStick® Tape also possesses high impact resistance and is tough and durable.
  • Note: Although the FILM is FDA approved, the ADHESIVE backing in NOT

    PVDF (Kynar ®) is strong and tough as reflected by its tensile properties and impact strength. Compared to many thermoplastics, PVDF (Kynar ®) has excellent resistance to creep and fatigue, yet in thin sections such as films, PVDF (Kynar ®) components are flexible and transparent. Kynar ® Film is stable to UV and the effects of weather. In cold, heat, sunlight and humidity Kynar® Film does not wear out or get brittle. Kynar® has low NBS smoke generation and superior LOI.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Stable to UV & effects of weather
  • Low NBS smoke generation & superior LOI
  • Excellent transmittance of solar energy
  • Excellent dielectric strength & High Heat Resistance
  • Excellent Physical & mechanical properties
  • Resin FDA compliant
  • Low permeability to water vapor & various other gases
  • Excellent Light Transmittance
  • Possible substitute for Tedlar®
  • (KYNStick Kynar Film Tape) KYNStick® Kynar® Film Tape with Adhesive

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