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Fluoroloy® H (aka Rulon® H)

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Fluoroloy® H (aka Rulon® H) material offers a unique combination of both ceramics and PTFE, and was originally developed for UHF heat-sinking applications. It gives a slightly-better dielectric constant compared to standard Teflon, and has about 8 Times the thermal conductivity of Virgin PTFE. It is easy to machine and is available in rod, sheet and tape. Fluoroloy has high insulative properties, and is widely used in the microwave industry as an alternative to virgin and glass-filled PTFE.
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    Fluoroloy® H is a PTFE blend with a ceramic filler, which gives the material superior insulative properties.
  • Originally developed for UHF heat-sinking applications, and now is most often used as inside connectors in high-powered microwaves.
  • Superior dielectric constant compared to standard Teflon, yet a higher rate of thermal conductivity (Fluoroloy H is 1.21 W/m C and virgin Teflon PTFE is 0.24 W/m C).
  • Given its dielectric properties, Fluoroloy H generates and transfers heat much more efficiently than other materials.
  • (FLUOROLOYH) Fluoroloy® H (aka Rulon® H)
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