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Wave Solder Pallet Manufacturers (3674-WS)
Wave Solder Pallet Manufacturers
Wave Solder Pallets offer the fastest, most reliable, and inexpensive method of soldering through-hole components on circuit boards. A good wave solder machine applies the right amount of flux, heat and solder to create perfect solder joints. Since the molten wave of solder contacts the entire ...
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AMS Specification Listing

Spec Description
3564BFiber Sheet-Vulcanized
3570APolyurethane Foam, Flexible-Open Cell Medium Flexibility, 2.5 lb. per cu. ft.
3580Plastic Castings-Methyl Methacrylate, General Purpose
3581Plastic Castings-Methyl Methacrylate, Heat Resistant
3590APlastic Sheet, Copper Faced-Paper Reinforced Phenol-Formaldehyde
3598APlastic Sheet, Copper Faced-Glass Fabric Reinforced Polytetrafluoroethylene
3601BPlastic Sheet, Copper Faced-Glass Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Resin
3605DPlastic Sheet-Post Forming, Cotton Fabric Reinforced Phenol-Formaldehyde
3607CPlastic Sheet & Plate-Post Forming, Cotton Fabric Reinforced Phenol-Formaldehyde
3608Plastic Sheet-Methyl Methacrylate, General Purpose
3609Plastic Sheet-Methyl Methacrylate, Heat Resistant
3610CSheet-Water Vapor Resistant, Flexible, Transparent
3611APlastic Sheet-Polycarbonate
3612Polyester Film, Electrical Grade, General Purpose
3615BPlastic Tubing-Cotton Fabric Reinforced Phenol-Formaldehyde
3617Plastic Moldings & Extrusions-Polamide (Nylon)
3620BPlastic Moldings & Extrusions-Polystyrene
3622APlastic Moldings & Extrusions-Cellulose Acetate, General Purpose
3623Elastomeric Tubing-Electric Insulation, Irradiated Polychloroprene, Flexible, Heat Shrinkable, 1.750 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3624APlastic Moldings & Extrusions-Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
3625Elastomeric Tubing-Electrical Insulation, Crosslinked Silicone, Pigmented, Flexible, Heat Shrinkable, 1.750 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3626CPlastic Moldings & Extrusions-Methyl Methacrylate
3627Plastic Moldings & Extrusions-Methyl Methacrylate, Heat Resistant
3628APlastic Moldings & Extrusion-Polycarbonate
3629Tubing-Extruded-Polyvinyl Chloride, High Temperature, Electrical Insulation
3630Plastic Extrusions-Flexible-Polyvinyl Chloride
3631Plastic Extrusions-Flexible, High Temperature Polyvinyl Chloride
3632BPlastic Tubing-Electrical Insulation, Irradiated Polyvinylidene Flouride, Heat Shrinkable, Semi-Rigid, 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3633Plastic Tubing-Electrical Insulation Irradiated Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable
3634Plastic Tubing-Electrical insulation, Polyolefin Dual Wail, Semi-Rigid, Heat Shrinkable
3635APlastic Sheet-Cellular, Shock Absorbing, Closed Cell, Foamed, Modified Vinyl Sheet
3636BPlastic Tubing-Electrical Insulation, Irradiated Polyolefin, Heat Shrinkable, Pigmented, Flexible, 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3637BPlastic Tubing-Electrical Insulation, Irradiated Polyolefin, Clear Flexible, Heat Shrinkable, 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3638BPlastic Tubing-Electrical Insulation, Irradiated Polyolefin, Semi-Rigid, Pigmented Heat Shrinkable, 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3639BPlastic Tubing-Electrical Insulation, Irradiated Polyolefin. Clear, Semi-Rigid, Heat Shrinkable, 2 to 1 Shrink Ratio
3640BPlastic Moldings-Melamine-Formaldehyde, Mineral Filled
3641APlastic Moldings, Thermosetting-Phenol- Formaldehyde, Macerated Fabric Filling
3642APlastic Moldings-Laminated, Thermosetting Resin, Glass Fabric Reinforced Heat Resistant 500F
3643Plastic Moldings. Thermosetting-Glass Flowing Filled Silicone, Heat Resistant
3645Polytrifluorochloroethylene, Compression Molded-Heavy Sections, Unplasticized (Kel-F)
3646Polytrifluorochloroethylene Molded Sheet, Unplasticized
3647Polyfluoroethylenepropylene Film & Sheet
3648Polytrifluorochloroethylene- Tubing. Unplasticized (Kel-F)
3649APolytrifluorochloroethylene-Film, Unplasticized (Kel-F)
3650APolytrifluorochloroethylene-Unplasticized (Kel-F)
3651CPolytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
3652APolytetrafluoroethylene Film (Teflon)
3653Extruded Polytetrafluoroethylene- Tubing, Electrical Insulation, Standard Wall (Teflon)
3654AExtruded Polytetrafluoroethylene- Tubing Electrical insulation, Light Wall (Teflon)
3655Extruded Polytetrafluoroethylene- Tubing, Electoral Insulation, Thin Walt (Teflon)
3656APolytetrafluoroethylene Extrusions, Radiographically inspected, Normal Strength-As Sintered
3657Polytetrafluoroethylene Extrusions, Radiographically inspected, Premium Strength-As Sintered
3658Polytetrafluoroethylene Extrusions, Radiographically inspected, Premium Strength, Stress Relieved
3659Polytetrafluoroethylene Extrusions, Premium Strength, Stress Relieved
3660Polytetrafluoroethylene Moldings, As Sintered-General Purpose Grade
3661Polytetrafluoroethylene Film, Premium Grade
3662Polytetrafluoroethylene Film, General Purpose Grade
3663Fabric, Glass-Vinyl Coated, Porous
3664Fabric, Glass-Vinyl Coated
3666Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheet, Glass Fabric Reinforced
3667Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheet-Molded, As Sintered-General Purpose Grade
3668Polytetrafluoroethylene-Moldings, Premium Grade, As Sintered
3676AInsulation, Sound & Thermal-Resin Bonded Glass Fiber, Medium Filament 3828
3681Adhesive, Electrically Conductive-Silver Organic Resin
3682Coating, Electrically Conductive-Silver 3835 Organic Resin
3685Adhesive -Synthetic Rubber-Buna N Type
368OInsulation, Thermal-Silica Fiber
3690Adhesive Compound-Epoxy, Room Temperature Curing
3691Adhesive Compound-Epoxy, Medium 3842 Temperature Application
3692Adhesive Compound-Epoxy, High Temperature Application
3693Adhesive Modified-Epoxy-Mad. Heat Resist., 250 F Curing, Film Type
3710Sandwich Structures-Glass Fabric-Resin, Low Pressure Molded, Heat Resistant 3852A
3720Paper Honeycomb-60 lb. Paper
3722Paper Honeycomb-125 lb. Paper
3730Potting Compound-Foamed Epoxy Type, Amine Hardened
3734Potting Compound- Epoxy, Unfilled, General Purpose-Room Temperature Cure 3870A
3735APotting Compound- Epoxy, Filled, 10-15 CTE, 225 HDT
3736Potting Compound-Epoxy, Filled, 25-30 CTE. 175 HDT, Room Temperature Cure
3738APotting Compound-Epoxy, Filled, 15-20 CTE, 180 HDT
3739APotting Compound-Epoxy. Filled, 9-12 CTE, 250 HDT
3740A Potting Compound-Epoxy, Filled, 15-20 CTE, 225 HDT, Free Machining
3750Potting Compound-Epoxy, Flexible, Durometer 75-85
3780Copper Wire-Polytetrafluoroethylene Covered, Miniature
3781Copper Wire-Magnet, Single Film Insulated, High Temperature
3802BCloth-Airplane Cotton, Mercerized, 50 lb. Breaking Strength
3804ACloth-Airplane Cotton, Mercerized, 65lb. Breaking Strength
3806BCloth-Airplane Cotton, Mercerized, 80 lb. Breaking Strength
3810ATape-Adhesive-Cloth Back
3815ABraid, Flat, Nylon-Electrical Tying, Synthetic Rubber Coated
3816Braid, Flat, Nylon-Electrical Tying, Wax Coated
3817ABraid, Flat, Nylon-Electrical Tying, Resin Coated
3825Fabric, Glass (181)-Chrome Treated Glass Roving, Epoxy Resin Preimpregnated, Type E Glass
3830Cloth-Silica "B" Stage Phenolic Resin Impregnated High Pressure Molding Fabric, Glass (181) - Decorative Grade
3839Fabric, Asbestos Wire Reinforced, Polytetrafluoroethylene Impregnated Sintered
3840Asbestos-Polytetrafluoroethylene impregnated, Sintered Asbestos Fiber Reinforced-Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheet, TFE Fluorocarbon Resin
3843Asbestos Fiber Reinforced-Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheet, TFE Flourocarbon Resin-High Compressibility
3851AFire Resistant Properties for Aircraft Materials Flame Resistant Treatment of Inferior Materials
3855AFlame Resistance Treatment of Inferior Fabrics
3858Asbestos Felting-"B" Stage Phenolic Resin impregnated, Low Pressure Molding Ceramic-Moldings & Extrusions, Dense Ultra-High Alumina (99% AL2O3)
3880Crystallized Glass Ceramic

(AMSSPECS) AMS Specification Listing
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