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High-Purity Fluid Handling & Chemical Delivery Systems (2819-HF)
High-Purity Fluid Handling & Chemical Delivery Systems
High-Purity Fluid Handling & Chemical Delivery Systems utilize a variety of corrosion resistance plastics capable of withstanding wide temperature ranges and environmental exposure without degradation, cracking, or other stress-induced breakdown. These materials must provide long-term service with ...
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Symalit® 1000 PFA

Symalit® 1000 PFA is a semi-crystalline unreinforced fluoropolymer combining good mechanical, thermal and electrical properties with excellent chemical resistance. It also shows good resistance to high-energy radiation. In addition, the composition of the raw material used for the production of Symalit 1000 PFA products complies with the regulations of the European Union (Directive 2002/72/EC, as amended) and the United States of America (FDA) for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Symalit® 1000 PFA Applications: - Chemical Process - Semiconductor Equipment - Transportation - Pharmaceutical - Biotech - Power Plants - Heat Exchangers - High Purity Applications

Also available in Symalit 1000 HP PFA - 1000 HP is a high purity grade designed for the semiconductor & solar cell industry. 1000 HP grade is processed in a closed and controlled environment to ensure a consistent quality.

Symalit® 1000 PFA Features & Benefits
  • Almost unlimited resistance to chemicals
  • Widest service temperature range from - 190° C up to + 260° C (- 310° F up to + 500° F)
  • Very low permeation values
  • Excellent stress cracking resistance
  • Very low leach-out values for high purity applications
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent ageing stability
  • Resistance to UV rays
  • High dielectric and piezoelectric values
  • Clear (translucent)
  • (Symalit 1000 PFA) Symalit® 1000 PFA
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