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SafetyGlas™ BR1 Sheet

SafetyGlas™ BR1 uncoated cell cast acrylic sheet is a lightweight, crystal clear and easy to fabricate bullet resistant material. SafetyGlas™ BR1 is rated level 1 for bullet resistance as per Underwriters Laboratory standard UL-752. This rating covers the most common small and medium firearms for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our product is specifically formulated to absorb and dissipate the impact energy of a projectile, making it an excellent choice for clear protective barriers in locations with risk of robbery or gun violence.
  • Made from UL Listed Bullet-Resistant Glazing Level 1 (BP10708)
  • SafetyGlas™ BR1 is a tradename of Professional Plastics, Inc. - all rights reserved.
    Features and Benefits of SafetyGlas™ BR1 Sheet:
  • Safety protection for daily activity in high risk environment
  • Cost effective option to bulletproof polycarbonate or laminated glass.
  • It will absorb and resist the impact of level 1 firearms, the most common firearm on the streets.
  • Aesthetically pleasing protective barrier
  • Crystal clear clarity with the highest light transmission any glazing material has to offer.
    The shine effect on the clear polish-able edges creates a gorgeous frame-less look that canΓÇ™t be matched by bullet resistant polycarbonate or glass. Its attractiveness will sustain in both indoor and outdoor environment for a long time because of its ability to maintain its clarity and resistance to yellowing.
  • Lighter weight with the same protection - SafetyGlas™ BR1 Sheet is half the weight of glass laminates and slightly less weight than polycarbonate and yet offers the same protection.
  • Easy to fabricate, offer more design possibilities - SafetyGlas™ BR1 Sheet is a glazing material that is easy to work with as they can be cut to any size and shape with standard tools.
  • (SafetyGlas™ BR1 Sheet) SafetyGlas™ BR1 Sheet
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