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SPI Semicon products are used to protect wafers and devices from damage during handling, testing and shipping, often from the US to many other countries. We design and produce products to our specifications and then warehouse the products for prompt customer delivery. We utilize many methods of manufacturing, such as extrusion, vacuum forming, injection molding and die cutting. We are proud of our unique designs and history of quality products.
  • Professional Plastics, Inc. is the parent company of SPI Semicon and shares a warehousing facility in Ogden, Utah.
  • SPI Semicon operates clean, modern production facilities include the USA & Philippines.
  • Local sales and support is also available throughout the USA, Europe and Asia

    (PGA Trays & Strip Packs) PGA Trays & Strip Packs
    PGA Trays & Strip Packs
    (Wafer Container 4 inch-100mm) Wafer Container - 4 inch (100mm)
    Wafer Container - 4 inch (100mm)
    (Wafer Container 6 Inch) Wafer Container - 6 inch (150mm)
    Wafer Container - 6 inch (150mm)
    (WAFER CONTAINER 8 INCH) Wafer Container - 8 inch (200mm)
    Wafer Container - 8 inch (200mm)

    SPI SEMICON was formed in 1970 for the purpose of supplying products to the Semiconductor Industry. We manufacture products for the semiconductor front-end (wafer fabrication) and back-end (finished devices). Our products are used to protect wafer and device damage during handling, testing, and shipping. We design and produce products to our specifications at manufacturing sites in Utah and Philippines. We utilize plastic injection molding, extrusion and vacuum-forming for manufacturing our products.

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