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Atlanta Branch Relocated June 2018

Semitron® ESd 410C - Conductive ULTEM™

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Semitron ESd 410C (black) – Static Dissipative/Conductive PEI (aka ESD Ultem™). Having an excellent mechanical performance up to 210°C, Semitron ESd 410 provides ESd- solutions at higher temperatures. Semitron ESd 410C exhibits excellent dimensional stability (low coefficient of linear thermal expansion and small water absorption) and is ideal for handling equipment in the electrical/electronic or semiconductor industries.
  • Available from USA, Singapore and Taiwan stock.
  • Designed for IC Test Sockets, Nests and Handlers
    Semitron ESd 410C
    Standard Sheet Size: 12" x 12"
  • The Semitron ESd products are inherently dissipative and do not rely on atmospheric phenomena (e.g. humidity) to activate, nor are surface treatments used to achieve dissipation.
  • Does not contain carbon or graphite powder to provide electrostatic dissipation, sloughing is not a problem.
  • Quadrant Semitron Products are stocked in our USA & Asia facilities.
  • Singapore warehouse serves customers in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and throughout Asia.
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