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Polycarbonate Rod

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OVERVIEW of Polycarbonate Rod

Polycarbonate Rod made from machine-grade polycarbonate resin is an amorphous thermoplastic material with high-impact strength, high modulus of elasticity, and good dimensional stability. These properties, in addition to good electrical characteristics, make machine grade polycarbonate rods an excellent choice for electrical/electronic applications. Polycarbonate's strength, impact resistance and transparency also make it an ideal material for certain transparent structural applications.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Polycarbonate Rod

Features of Machine Grade Polycarbonate Rods:
  • Excellent impact resistance..
  • Continuous use temperature to 290°F (145°C)
  • Good Transparence (clarify and tint varies by manufacturer and production techniques)
  • Tint can vary from grey to purple depending on polycarbonate resin used.
  • Good dielectric properties
  • Economical thermal performance
  • (POLYCARBONATE ROD) Polycarbonate Rod

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