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Ketron® PEEK-GF30 LSG (Blue)

Ketron ® PEEK-GF30 LSG PolyEtherEtherKetone (Blue - RAL 5019) stock shapes are produced from genuine Victrex ® PEEK polymer. This 30% glass fiber-reinforced grade offers higher stiffness and creep resistance than Ketron ® PEEK-LSG and has much better dimensional stability.

Ketron PEEK-GF30 LSG blue stock shapes have been successfully type tested for their compliance with both United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and ISO 10993-1 guideline requirements for Biocompatibility Testing of Materials, and they come with full traceability from resin to stock shape. These features, added to an excellent sterilizability by means of steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide, plasma and gamma irradiation, make Ketron PEEK-GF30 LSG blue stock shapes very suitable for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.

  • Ketron PEEK-GF30 LSG is available in Sheet and Rod forms and is MEDIUM BLUE in color.
    Features of Ketron® PEEK-GF30 LSG (Blue):
  • Higher stiffness and creep resistance than Ketron ® PEEK-LSG
  • Better dimensional stability than Ketron ® PEEK-LSG

    NOTE: Quadrant's PEEK-GF30 Life Science Grade should not be used for applications involving medical devices that are intended to remain implanted in the human body continuously for a period exceeding 24 hours, or are intended to remain in contact with internal human tissue or bodily fluids for more than 24 hours, or as critical components of medical devices that are essential to the continuation of human life.
  • (KETRON PEEK-GF30 LSG) Ketron® PEEK-GF30 LSG (Blue)
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