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Borated Polyethylene
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Borated Polyethylene: a neutron shielding material used medical and industrial applications.
Professional Plastics offers borated polyethylene is various sizes, grades, brands and concentrations.

Types & Grades of Borated Polyethylene:
Densetec HDPE - Borated Sheet (5% Borated - Green Color)
Densetec Borated Sheet is a product specially designed for nuclear shielding applications. The material employs 5% Boron by weight to shield neutrons in a variety of applications including high intensity X-rays, cancer treatment facilities, nuclear submarines, and nuclear power plants.

Borotron® HD050 (5% Borated - Green Color)
Borotron® HD050 is based on Quadrant's high performance HDPE with 5% elemental boron. Borotron® has been used as a medical and industrial shielding material to attenuate and absorb neutron radiation. This easily fabricated polymer material also offers designers greater durability and function over a wider range of temperatures than traditional materials.

King Plasti-Shield® Borated Polyethylene (5% Borated Purple Color)
King Plasti-Shield® has been used as medical and industrial neutron shielding for more than 25 years. It is a light-weight, cost-effective and easily fabricated solution for a wide variety of neutron-shielding needs. Compared to paraffin-based products, King Plasti-Shield sheets are durable and perform well in a wider range of temperatures.
King Plasti-Shield® is offered in three grades:
  • Industrial Grade (PURPLE COLOR, 5%* Boron by Weight) W is effective in medical and other applications requiring attenuation of thermal neutrons.
  • Grade III (RED COLOR, 2%* Boron by Weight) W
  • Grade II (YELLOW COLOR, 1%* Boron by Weight) W - Virgin Polyethylene (natural color)
    Grade II (yellow, 1% boron) and Grade III (red, 2% boron) are used as neutron shielding in the construction and repair of US Navy ships. These products are manufactured to MIL-P-23536, Rev. A. Certification and testing is available to meet MIL-Spec. requirements
    Borated Polyethylene Provides:
  • Neutron sheilding
  • Significant reduction of gamma-capture dose.
  • Avalible in several grades and colors.
  •    (BORATED POLYETHYLENE) Borated Polyethylene
    Densetec Borated HDPE (Green)
    Plasti-Shield® Borated HDPE (Purple)

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