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AC-300 ESd Acrylic Sheet

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AC-300™ Acrylic is a plastic sheet product that controls static electricity in many applications, including windows, doors, machine covers and enclosures, and fabricated desiccators and cabinets. It is a premium quality acrylic sheet coated with SciCron Technologies clear, C-300™ static dissipative coating which prevents charge generation on the sheet surfaces. This controls particulate attraction and prevents electrostatic discharge (ESD) events completely independent of humidity. AC-300 Acrylic fabricates simply, is light in weight and is available in large sheet sizes. It has excellent optical properties, chemical resistance, surface hardness and mar resistance.
(AC-300ESd) AC-300 ESd Acrylic Sheet

AC-300 Product Data Sheet
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Phillip said..

Hello, i am writing to thank the Denver staff for all the help and for being complete professional's when i came into the store a couple of days ago. Chealsea and all the guys working at the will call desk went above and beyond to help me out. Thanks, i will definitely use these guys in the future

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