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Optix® Acrylic Sheet

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Optix® is the tradename for Plaskolite's continuously processed, high quality acrylic sheet. Optix acrylic sheet is ideal for almost any fabrication or glazing application. Optix exceeds industry standards for quality and safety and its impact-resistance will prohibit the sheet from shattering into sharp edged pieces like glass. Special U.V. stabilization protects the sheet from yellowing and it's backed by a ten year limited warranty.

Primary applications for Optix include: fabrication, picture framing, skylights, displays, signage, lighting and point of purchase. Optix acrylic is available in colored, impact modified, green edged and patterned sheet.

Optix® acrylic sheet is crystal clear, durable, weather-resistant and lightweight for easy transport and storage. It also offers the advantages of high molecular weight for ease of fabrication, low heat loss for economy and an attractive clear edge color.

Sheet Masking: - Optix acrylic sheet in .060"-.118" thicknesses and above are stocked with a 2mil static cling blue polyethylene masking on two sides. .080"-.100" is stocked with a 1mil static cling white polyethylene masking on two sides. Paper masking and TG paper replacement film are available upon request.
(Optix Acrylic Sheet) Optix® Acrylic Sheet

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