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플렉시 유리 시트 - 아크릴 - CAST

플렉시 유리 시트 - 아크릴 - 캐스트 용 시트 비용 계산

수량 두께 유형 컷 크기 (인치) 조각 당 가격 총 가격
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$ 0.00
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    최소 주문: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Plexiglass Sheet - Acrylic - CAST의 Cut-To-Size 비용 계산

수량 두께 유형 컷 크기 (인치) 절단 공차 조각 당 가격 총 가격
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$ 0.00
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    최소 주문: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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플렉시 유리 시트 - 아크릴 - 캐스트에 대한 전체 시트 비용 계산

수량 크기 유형 시트 당 가격 총 가격
$ 0.00
$ 0.00
 최소 품목.
    최소 주문: $30 USA, $150 Canada/Mexico/PR/VI, $250 International
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Plexiglass 장의 개관 - 아크릴 - CAST

CAST Acrylic Sheets는 Clear, Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green 등으로 제공됩니다. 아크릴 응용 프로그램 : 그림 프레임, 매장 디스플레이, 가구, 선반, 창문, 장벽, 방패, 교체 유리 및 수족관. 투명 아크릴은 광학적으로 투명하며 수분에 영향을받지 않으며 높은 강도 대 무게 비율을 제공하며 광학 투명도의 손실없이 쉽게 열 성형 될 수 있습니다. 수분에 장시간 노출되거나 물에 완전히 잠긴 경우에도 기계적 또는 광학적 특성에 큰 영향을 미치지 않습니다.

왜 CAST Acrylic 구절을 아크릴을 사용합니까?
  • 연속 사용 온도 : 180 ° F (주조) 대 160 ° F (돌출 된)
  • 성형 성 온도 : 340 ° F ~ 380 ° F (주조) 대 290 ° F ~ 320 ° F (압출 성형)
  • 캐스트 아크릴은 더 높은 분자량을 가지므로 절단, 드릴 및 청소기 청소를합니다.
  • 캐스트 아크릴을 가공 할 때 부스러기가 벗겨지는 반면 압출 된 아크릴 조각은 도구에서 껌칠 수 있습니다.
  • 캐스트 아크릴은 또한 더 나은 접착제 접합 효과를 제공하며 레이저 절단에서 더 잘 수행됩니다.
  • Plexiglass Sheet의 특징 및 장점 - 아크릴 - CAST

    캐스트 아크릴 시트의 특징 :
  • Plexiglass Cast 아크릴 시트는 유리보다 17 배 강하다 !!
  • 쉽게 가공되고 열 성형 된 경제적 인 투명 소재
  • 24 "x 48"보다 큰 시트는 출하 비용이 비쌉니다. - 사용할 수있는 가장 작은 시트 선택
  • Translucent = Light & Shadows는 Sheet를 통해 볼 수 있습니다.
  • 투명 = 이미지는 시트를 통해 볼 수 있습니다 (유색 유리처럼).
  • 불투명 = 빛이나 이미지가 시트를 통해 보일 수 없습니다.
  • 참고 : .062 "두꺼운 시트는 최대 48"x 72 "크기이며 페이퍼 마스킹으로 만 판매됩니다.
  • (PLEXIGLASS 장 아크릴 - 장) Plexiglass 장 - 아크릴 - CAST

    아크릴 링크 :
    아크릴 컬러 차트
    플렉시 유리 / 아크릴 데이터 시트
    플렉시 유리 수족관 자습서
    수족관 건축 2

    브랜드 :
  • 아크릴 라이트 GP
  • 루티 트 L
  • 폴리 캐스트
  • 폴리 캐스트 항공 우주

    관련 항목 :
  • 압출 아크릴 시트
  • 캐스트 아크릴 튜브
  • Novus 플라스틱 폴란드어
  • 당신이 찾을 수 없습니까?
    더보기 아크릴 제품 조회를 요청하다
    고객 리뷰 — 플렉시 유리 시트 - 아크릴 - CAST
    35 총 평가
    (36) 총 리뷰
    James said..
    Boulder, CO

    Just wanted to thank Chelsea for the assistance in ordering the right plexiglass for the job. Great product, great service, would definitely purchase from Professional Plastics again.
    David said..
    Tampa, FL

    Super happy to have found a local resource with exactly what I needed. My need was a surprise and had an immediate timeline. Originally all I was finding were resources that either they had to order what I wanted or I was ordering directly, both of which required days of shipping. I do not need much of this type of product, but having a local resource with a large selection of inventory on hand was PERFECT. Great people to deal with on the phone and at the location, a super simple process that allowed us to meet a crazy deadline.
    George said..
    Ogden, UT

    Golly that was fast delivery. Not a scratch on it. And the cut was perfect too. Now I'm hooked on you guy's. You are book marked on my PC. Get ready for some more order's. Great material.
    Thank you for your great service: G.A. Valencia 1st.
    SCOTT said..

    Customer service was great. The order was completed quickly and accurately. What more could you want?
    Nathan said..
    Dawson, TX

    The sheets I ordered were cut to precise measurement ordered, even though there was 1/8" tolerance allowed. This made my project come out exactly as planned.
    CARY said..

    Plastic sheet was cut correctly and the edges finished as promised.
    mark said..
    ft. myers, FL

    It was great to be able to order the acrylic in precut sizes(6"x8") to fit my needs. The other companies were either higher in price for the same size or had minimum of 12"x12" which would leave me with unusable waste. awesome and will be ordering again shortly
    Larry said..
    Eldon, MO

    I am extremely pleased with the 3'8" acrylic material you shipped. It cut, routed and sanded easily and polished to a very smooth, clear finish. I would definitely shop with you in the future.
    Evelyn said..
    Norfolk, VA

    great product, fast and easy to order (even in smaller quantities). great variety of thicknesses.
    John said..
    Tulsa, OK

    flawless material, packed like a boss, shipped quick
    Brent said..
    Shoreview, MN

    The product works as a window well cover for an egress basement window to let light in and keep debris such as leaves and moisture out from the window well. It appears to be very durable and "tough."
    Tim said..
    Rhododendron, OR

    Excellent product..Shipped and arrived in a timely manner. .I will use you guys again
    richard said..
    milton, FL

    very good quality and fast delivery
    Rich said..
    Festus, MO

    Very good response and delivery, product was as expected
    Michael said..
    Foxboro, MA

    Easy to Order and reasonably priced. Sheet was cut perfectly to specifications. Using sheet as cover to protect a desktop and looks just like real glass but much lighter. Very pleased with purchase.
    Louis said..

    Good material, great price, but I requested polished edges which I did not get. Not a biggie in this case. It was just a nice to have given the use I had for the material, I was able to polish it enough myself. Otherwise i would have sent it back.
    Lauren said..
    Moultrie, GA

    Cast acrylic sheet comes as specified - good quality & vary reasonably priced.
    We had a great, long standing relationship, (15+ years) with our former salesperson, Mr Bobby Gurley. However, I'm very happy with our new contact, Paul Mapstone. Paul's service is always prompt, friendly, and accommodating by phone or email.
    Ricardo said..

    Plexiglass quality and precision cuts are 2nd to none. Dead perfect measurements for my project. Cannot be any happier with profesionalism and quick turn around from transaction to my door. Thanks again Pro Plastics
    David said..
    Union, KY

    Parts were machined to exact dimensions and had relatively few saw marks to deal with before welding them. All product came very well packaged and shipped on time.
    David said..
    Plymouth, WI

    Flawless transaction. Really impressed with the quality of the product and the timeliness. Perfect fit for my project. Couldn't be happier

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