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Chemours® NXT 75

Chemours® NXT 75 exhibits the superior properties typical of the fluoropolymer resins: nonaging characteristics, chemical inertness, heat resistance, toughness and flexibility, low coefficient of friction, nonstick characteristics, negligible moisture absorption, and weather resistance.

In addition, this resin offers weldability, improved resistance to deformation under load, increased resistance to permeation of chemicals, and a higher dielectric breakdown voltage. This resin provides a high degree of weldability for applications where the use of elevated pressure and temperature are limited.

Chemours® NXT 75 is a fine-cut resin designed for general compression molding of blocks and sheets and for use as a base resin for compounds. It can be used for such applications as: seal rings, valve seats, bearing pads, linings, encapsulations, and as a base resin for filled compounds. This resin is particularly useful in applications where welding of parts to other fluoropolymers such as PFA or standard PTFE is required, e.g., fluid-handling systems.

Chemours® NXT fluoropolymer resins open new opportunities for designing and engineering high-performance products. This new family of chemically modified granular PTFE materials delivers valuable new capabilities while retaining the exceptional chemical, thermal, antistick, and low-friction properties of conventional PTFE resin.
  • New fabricating versatility with welding
  • Improved permeation resistance
  • Less creep
  • Smoother, less porous surfaces
  • Better high-voltage insulation
  • Chemours® NXT 75 can qualify for use in contact with food in compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1550.

    Chemours® NXT gives you two wide avenues for application development. You can improve the performance and reduce the cost of tried and true PTFE applications, and you can develop innovative new solutions for parts and products that are currently made of other materials.
  • (PTFE TEFLON NXT 75) Chemours® NXT 75
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