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Chemours® PTFE 8A

Chemours® PTFE 8A Sheets, Rods, Molded Tubes and Finished Parts are available from Professional Plastics.
Chemours® PTFE 8A is a free-flowing white powder composed of relatively large particles. It has high bulk density and good powder flow. Its most unique features are improved moldability at lower pressure and improved surface smoothness of finished parts.

The high bulk density and low compression ratio of Chemours® PTFE 8A permit the use of shallow molds for small parts and complex shapes. Good powder flow is necessary for use in equipment that feeds resin automatically, and for filling deep and narrow molds that are pressed isostatically. Reduced pressure is an advantage for moldings with large surface area and for isostatic molding.

Chemours® PTFE 8A is often preferred for molding thick sheets and for isostatic moldings. It is sometimes used for ram extrusion of rod and tubing with thicker cross sections.

Typical End Products made from Chemours®PTFE 8A Sheets, Rods, and Molded Tubes:
  • Small parts such as; ball valve seats, seals, discs, and lab ware.
  • Thick molded sheets are stock shapes.
  • Lining pipes, valves, and valve plugs and for ducting, expansion bellows, pistion rings, and other large complex moldings.
  • (PTFE TEFLON 8A) Chemours® PTFE 8A
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