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Turcite® A (Blue)

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Turcite® is a high-quality, internally lubricated material that is ideal for applications with demanding wear and friction requirements. Its low water absorption enables components made with Turcite® to retain their integrity over long periods. Turcite® A is a resilient formulation that performs well under vibratory and dynamic loading
Turcite® A Rod Features:
  • Economical, Self-Lubricating & Long-Wearing Material
  • Similar to Delrin® AF but made from copolymer resin to avoid centerline porosity.
  • Suitable for moderate to heavy loads at moderate speeds.
  • Maximum Continuous Service Temperature is 180F.
  • Higher Wear Resistance than Turcite® X.
  • Available in rods only.
  • Std Lengths: .250" to 2" dia - 8 ft lghs; 2.5" to 3.5" dia - 4 ft lghs; 4" & above - 1 ft lghs.
  • (TURCITEA) Turcite® A (Blue)
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