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Sign Tape - Hi Tack
Sign Tape - Hi Tack
Graphic designers spend countless hours working to achieve just the right look for their clients. So when they've created special lettering, a high-impact logo or other graphics, nothing should get in the way of an ideal end result. That's why Main Tape has created a full line of products especially for positioning and protecting graphics.
The results are nothing short of perfection:
  • Minimal errors in applying graphics
  • Easy to handle
  • No curling
  • A smooth release
  • No adhesive residue
    PerfecTear™ paper application tapes These tear cleanly, with no stringy, legging adhesive. They also provide superior performance in wet applications, with no gluey mess or time-consuming cleanup. Used for sign making, screen printing, digital printing and surface protection.
    PreView&trade: application films These tapes are ideal for easy registration of multiple colors. They laminate easily and lay flat for shipping.
    Screen Seal&trade: tapes These tapes prevent ink spillage during screen printing by creating an ink dam between the frame and mesh. Plus, Screen Seal wonÂ't lift or disintegrate when exposed to inks, solvents or cleaners.
    Stripe Guard™ pin-striping tapes Used in production of auto, RV and marine graphics, these crystal-clear tapes feature low-tack adhesives that wonÂ't leave residue, even after prolonged storage.
    Pallet Guard™ masking tape - Used by T-shirt printers, Pallet Guard protects pallets from spray adhesive and ink spillage. Best of all, it removes easily, leaves no residue and reduces overall clean-up time by up to 75 percent.
    Sign Tape - Hi Tack Benefits
  • Minimal errors in applying graphics
  • easy to handle
  • no curling
  • a smooth release
  • no adhesive residue
  •    (SIGN TAPE) Sign Tape - Hi Tack

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