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PVC Sheets - Clear-Blue Tint

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Clear PVC Sheets (Clear/Blue Tint) offers good impact and corrosion resistance and conforms to ASTM D1784, Class 12453B. Clear PVC is highly recommended where visibility of a process or operation is essential and applications where the concentration of acids and alkalies are high.

Applications: - Acid tank covers - Booths - Closures - Viewing ports - Water treatment / air-purifying equipment - Liquor dispensing systems - Machining Process Tanks - Scientific apparatus
  • Available in Clear with Blue Tint (as shown on this page) OR Optically Clear (click here)
    FEATURES & BENEFITS of Clear-Blue Tint PVC Sheets:
  • Color: Clear/Blue Tint (as shown)
  • Strength - combines tensile strength and stiffness for the toughest applications.
  • Chemical Resistance - resistant to most acids and alkali solutions.
  • Workability - can be machined, cut, welded and glued for fabrication versatility.
  • Low Cost - an economical choice for fabricating equipment, tanks, pumps etc.
  • Consistency - extruded through most of the available gauges for dimensional consistency.
  • Flammability - self extinguishing
  • Also available in Optically Clear PVC Sheet
  • (PVC SHEETS-CLEAR) PVC Sheets - Clear-Blue Tint

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