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Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)

OVERVIEW of Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)

MELDIN® 7021, Polyimide with 15% by Weight Graphite Filler (comparable to Vespel SP-21 polyimide).
Our self-lubricating grade, MELDIN® 7021, has 15% by weight graphite fillers, encapsulated by the base polyimide resin. With its low coefficient of friction and high heat resistance, MELDIN® 7021 provides our customers the best all-around choice for high temperature bearings, seals, and other low-wear applications.

Application Profiles:
  • Meldin 7021 Aircraft Engine Vane Bushing
    Meldin 7021 self-lubricating polyimide materials meet or exceed the most stringent requirements for aerospace applications. Backed up by third-party independent testing, the Meldin 7021 material grade provide our customers consistent mechanical and performance properties for aircraft airframe systems such as landing gear and fuselage components, as well as jet engine parts such as pads, bumpers, washers, seals, and bearings.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)

  • Meets ASTM D6456-99 Type 2, Class 1
  • Meets AMS3644 class 2
  • Meets Mil-R-46198 Type 2, Class 1(superceeded)
  • Meets Honeywell MCS5016 Type 2, Class 1
  • Meets Rolls Royce MSRR9206
  • (MELDIN 7021) Meldin® 7021 Polyimide (15% Graphite Filled)
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