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Last-A-Foam® FR-4700 Tooling Foam

OVERVIEW of Last-A-Foam® FR-4700 Tooling Foam

LAST-A-FOAM® FR-4700 high-temperature polyurethane foam tooling boards can withstand peak temperatures up to 400° F (200°C) and continuous-use temperatures up to 350° F (177°C) which is significantly more than other products on the market. This series is non-abrasive and can be machined with standard high-speed steel (HSS) cutting tools. It can also be cut cleanly with water jets and traditional wood-carving tools. Affordable and dimensionally stable, this rigid foam board is ideal for prototype machining, high-temperature curing prepregs, vacuum forming, pattern making, and other limited-run tooling where traditional metal dies are cost-prohibitive. The FR-4700 high-temperature series of high-density foam is available in thicknesses up to 12 inches in 18-lb. densities, and up to 11 inches in 30- and 40-lb. densities. This high-performance material is an excellent choice for all of your high-temperature needs.

High Temperature Foam Applications:
  • Prototype machining - Prepreg composite layup tools - High-temperature curing prepregs - Master plugs and molds - Vacuum forming - Tool proofing - Limited-run tooling - Pattern making - Master model making - Monolithic tools and molds

    Products - Density (lbs/ft3) - Height x Width x Length
  • FR-4718 - 18 lbs/ft3 - 12" x 48" x 96"
  • FR-4730 - 30 lbs/ft3 - 11" x 24" x 96"
  • FR-4740 - 40 lbs/ft3 - 11" x 24" x 96"
    Shown are maximum standard stock sizes based on density. Custom sizes are available. Cut sizes are available from .125 inches (3.175 mm) up to standard stock heights as listed above.
  • FEATURES AND BENEFITS of Last-A-Foam® FR-4700 Tooling Foam

    LAST-A-FOAM® FR-4700 high-temperature polyurethane foam advantages:
  • Withstands peak temperatures up to 400°F
  • Supports continuous-use temperatures up to 350°F
  • Highly machinable
  • Consistently uniform
  • Dimensionally stable
  • (Last-A-Foam FR-4700 Tooling Foam) Last-A-Foam® FR-4700 Tooling Foam
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