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Kydex® 6565

Kydex® 6565 - Kydex® 6565 is a proprietary, high performance thermoplastic sheet that meets all fire retardancy requirements set forth in Federal Aviation Regulations 25.853 paragraphs (a) and (d) (old (c)) including low heat release (65/65) in the OSU rate of heat release test. Its excellent properties make it the ideal material to form two-and-three-dimensional aircraft components.

Features - Kydex® 6565 is available in over 200 developed colors, various surface textures, and eight thicknesses ranging from .028" (0.71mm) and up, enabling you to satisfy both the functional and aesthetic requirements of any aircraft interior. Kydex® 6565 is very resistant to a wide range of concentrate chemicals, and is therefore easy to clean with aggressive cleaners such as Soft Scrub®, Fantastic®, and citrus-based cleaners such as Citri Kleen®. Ammoniated cleaners should be avoided since they can leave a residue. Most importantly, KYDEX 6565 meets the stringent requirements of the FAR 25.853 paragraph (d) (replaces c), in all thicknesses and colors.

Thermoformability: - Kydex® 6565 forms to deep draws with low forces when heated to the upper end of the proper forming temperature range. Crisp detail is achieved and rejects are minimized. Kydex® 6565 sheet can be formed on all standard presses, and cut on all standard die-cutting machines. All secondary operations including machining, sawing, blanking and punching, etc. are easily performed.

Kydex® 6565 Applications - Aircraft interior components
Certifications - FAR 25.853 (a) 60s, 12s (Aircraft Rating) - FAR 25.853 (d) ASU, RHR (aircraft rating)
Textures: P-E = Smooth Nap, P-7 = Stipple, P-F = Levant, P-H = Seville, P-C = Level Haircell, P-3 = Velour Matte, P-8 = Suede, P-1 = Haircell, P-G = Controur
Thicknesses - .028" (0.7mm) - .040" (1.0mm) - .060" (1.5mm) - .080" (2.0mm) - .093" (2.4mm) - .125" (3.2mm) - .156" (4.0mm) - .187" (4.8mm) - .250" (6.4mm) - .312" (7.9mm) - .325" (8.3mm) - .375" (9.6mm) - .425" (10.8mm) - .500" (12.7mm)
Colors - Calcutta Black - Black - Chocolate Pastel Blue - Cabernet - Dusty Rose - Orange - Bordeaux - Cocoa - Misty Mauve - Polar White - Angora - Sandy Beach - Daybreak - Snowflake - Monterey - Ivory - Red - Rooster Red - Beige - Treasure Chest - Amethyst - Mystic Green - Peacock Blue - Thunder - Twilight - Canyon Blue - Cadet Blue - Buoyant Blue - Parchment - Pinstripe - Dark Gray - Pewter Gray - Rouge & Custom-matched colors.
  • RIPH: Kydex® is endorsed by the Royal Institute of Public Health for conformance to the standard of Hygienic Merit
  •    (KYDEX 6565) Kydex® 6565

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