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Universidades e Colleges (8221-UC)

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Universidades e Colleges (8221-UC)

Overview of Universities & Colleges (8221-UC)

— Universities & Colleges utilize a variety of plastics through their various departments for the purpose of Research, Development, and Testing of cutting-edge technologies. Engineering departments routinely purchase high-performance materials tied to performance characteristics ranging from impact-strength, corrosion-resistance, electrical properties, radiation resistance, wear-resistance and other factors. We offer materials used in applications ranging from space exploration, to alternative energy production, and advanced telecommunication systems.

COVID-19 Protective Products: - Student Shield Desktop Barriers - Counter Top Sneeze Guards - Face Masks - Face Shields - Cafeteria Table Dividers - Gloves - Cubicle Dividers and other protective products.

Our lab-grade tubing products provide safe handling of highly toxic and corrosive chemicals, while our medical grade plastics offer FDA and USP Class VI approvals. Since 1984', Professional Plastics has worked with universities including; Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Caltech, MIT, Princeton, Cornell, Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and hundreds more. Select from the materials below or search our website for more than 1,500 different plastics, composites, ceramics and specialty alloys.

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