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Durostone® Wave Solder Pallet Material

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Durostone® wave solder pallet materials have excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. These products have become the industry standard for the production of wave solder pallets used in the printed circuit board industry.

Durostone is easier to handle in the production process than other products used for PCB tooling due to two factors:
  • The density, which helps to reduce the weight of the finished tooling.
  • The glass and resin content, which ensures that the line operators and the machinists are not subjected to skin irritation alleviating any health & safety concerns.

    Durostone® is Produced in Three Standard Grades:
  • CHP 760 (Blue) (Standard)
  • CAS 761 (Black) (Anti-Static)
  • CAG 762 (Grey) (Anti-Static, Optical)

    Other Durostone® Specialty Grades:
  • CFR 762 (Black)(Flux-Resistant) - For Harsh Environments
  • All materials are dimensionally stable and retain their flatness through repeated cycling in the PCB assembly process.
  • The low thermal conductivity of Durostone® ensures optimal thermal distribution across the PCB.
  • The resin system used in Durostone provides resistance to the chemicals used in fluxes and also prevents solder pick-up.
  • Can be machined to tight tolerances.
  • Metric thicknesses 1mm = 0.393"
  • (DUROSTONE) Durostone® Wave Solder Pallet Material

  • Durostone Data Sheets
  • Durostone Grade Selector

    Other Grades:
  • CFR762 (Black)(Flux-Resistant)
  • CAC 768 (Black)(Flux-Resistant)
  • CLF 770 (Grey) - DISCONTINUED
  • Epoxy Resin - EPM203 (Yellow)
  • Epoxy Resin - EPC203 (Green)
  • Epoxy Resin - EPC 205 (White)
  • Epoxy Resin - EPC 308 (Green)
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