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Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)

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Meldin® 7001 Unfilled Polyimide Parts and Shapes. Meldin 7001 Rods & Plates offer superior mechanical properties & high chemical resistance. Meldin is ideal for electrical and thermal insulating applications. More ductile than ceramics, and lighter weight than metals, Meldin® 7001 is an excellent choice for structural parts in aerospace and other applications where metal replacement is desirable. In Semiconductor Wafer Processing applications, the plasma etch rate of Meldin® 7001 is 10% to 20% lower than Vespel® SP-1 providing superior performance over time. (contact us for complete details). For IC Test Sockets & Probe Test Heads, Meldin® 7001 is also an excellent replacement for Vespel® SP-1. Meldin 7000 products feature Continuous Operational Temperatures up to 550ºF (260ºC) and Intermitting Operation up to 900ºF , while holding tight tolerances of ±0.001 in. on both ODs and IDs. Meldin 7001 is suitable for high-temperature structural, high-purity semiconductor, & plasma welding applications.
  • Meldin Plates are Compression Molded & Meldin Rods are Isostatically Molded (ISO)
  • Meldin DF Parts are Direct Formed. (contact us for custom quotes)
    Typical Applications:
  • Wafer Clamping Rings, IC Test Sockets & Nests, Plasma Torch Tips, Bearings, Seals, Insulators, Thrust Washers
    Features of Meldin® 7001 Polyimide:
  • Operates from Cryogenic to 315°C (600°F) & Intermittently to 482°C (900°F)
  • Continuous operational temperatures of 550ºF (260ºF)
  • Meldin 7001 Does NOT Melt
  • Self-lubricating properties
  • Meldin ® has a Lower Plasma Etch Rate than Vespel® SP-1
    Meldin ® is a registered trade name of Saint Gobain Performance Products.
    Vespel ® is a registered trade name of Ei DuPont DeNemours.
  • 12" x 12" Meldin Plates have 44% MORE Material than a 10" x 10" Vespel plate.
  • (MELDIN 7001) Meldin® 7001 Polyimide (Unfilled)
  • Meldin 7001 ISO Rods Data
  • Meldin 7000 Design Guide
  • Meldin 7000 Series Overview
  • Meldin Machining Guidelines
    Application Profiles:
  • Semicon Insulator Bushing
  • Hot Runner Insulator
    Other Grades of Meldin
  • Meldin 7021
  • Meldin 7022
  • Meldin 7211
  • Meldin 7003
  • ASTM D6456-99 Type 1
  • AMS3644 Class 1
  • Mil-R-46198 Type 1 (old)
  • Honeywell MCS5016 Type 1
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