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Metal Finishing - Plating, Anodizing Tanks & Lines (3471-PT)

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Metal Finishing - Plating, Anodizing Tanks & Lines (3471-PT)

Overview of Metal Finishing - Plating, Anodizing Tanks & Lines (3471-PT)

— Metal Finishing Services - Plating, Anodizing, Coating & specialty surface treatment of metals. Professional Plastics offers a full-range of plastic materials used in the construction of metal finishing tanks and lines. These materials include; PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, PVDF, HDPE and other corrosion-resistant plastic sheets, welding rods & tubes.

Plating is a surface covering in which a metal is deposited on a conductive surface. Plating has been done for hundreds of years; it is also critical for modern technology. Plating is used to decorate objects, for corrosion inhibition, to improve solderability, to harden, to improve wear-ability, to reduce friction, to improve paint adhesion, to alter conductivity, to improve IR reflectivity, for radiation shielding, and for other purposes. Jewelry typically uses plating to give a silver or gold finish.

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The process is called anodizing because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrical circuit. Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides better adhesion for paint primers and glues than does bare metal. Anodizing is also used to prevent galling of threaded components and to make dielectric films for electrolytic capacitors.

Materials such as PP, PVC, PVDF & CPVC are the commonly used materials for Plating and Anodizing Tanks.

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