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CeramaPEEK® NC30 - Injection-Molded
CeramaPEEK® NC30 Test Socket Material is Now Available in an Injection-Molded Version. CeramaPEEK® is an advanced proprietary ceramic-filled PEEK compound created to meet the requirements for tight tolerance, high frequency IC chip socket test fixtures. This injection-molded version of our NC-30 ceramic-filled PEEK is also is WHITE in COLOR and provides superior hole stability and cleanliness than competing injection-molded materials. Precision holes drilled into CeramaPEEK NC30 Test Socket Material are burr-free (when machined properly) and provide longer life than competing products. CeramaPEEK NC30 is offered exclusively by Professional Plastics to IC Test Socket Manufacturers Worldwide.
  • The Injection-Molded Version is Only Available in .150" x 3.00" x 5.25" Blanks (3.8mm x 76.2mm x 133mm).

    These Injection-Molded Blanks offer a THIN-GUAGE economical alternative to Professional Plastics' Extruded Version of CeramaPEEK NC30 which is produced in standard 24" x 48" (610mm x 1220mm) plates from .250" x 1.00" thick (6.35mm x 25.4mm)
  • CeramaPEEK® is a registered trade name of Professional Plastics, Inc.
  • Current Inventory is just 10 pieces for Testing & Approval Purposes. Lead-Time for made-to-order products is 4 weeks
    CeramaPEEK NC30 Advanced Ceramic-Filled PEEK Test Socket Plate Features:
  • Exceptional Dimensional Stability: low moisture absorption, low creep, high modulus, metal-like CLTE, low coefficient of hygroscopic expansion
  • Machinable to Very Tight Tolerances: Low Burring, compatible with tight pitch and fine diameter holes
  • Good Abrasion Resistance and Ductility: maintains tolerances after 100,000 chip insertions, good impact properties
  • Very Stable Electrical Properties: low moisture absorption and intrinsically good electrical insulator
  • Thermal Stability: Compatible with wide temperature range, maintains physicals with after heat aging
  • Economical: CeramaPEEK NC30 is more economical than competing injection-molded products.
  • Professional Plastics maintains 14 locations in the USA, plus locations in Singapore and Taiwan serving customers throughout Asia.
  •    (CeramaPEEK NC30 - IM) CeramaPEEK┬« NC30 - Injection-Molded

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